Day 1 – Arrival

Bright and Humid as the 8 volunteers (no Ian) enter Kenya for the first time, except Vas! Directed to the Taxi bay we waited for our transport unaware of what to expect. We were hoping for something of a relative size just to fit our kitbags in! With numerous tiny minibuses and vehicles passing the nerves where settling in. But luckily in pulled the blue mean machine, which was perfect size for both kit and ourselves. Simon our driver may have struggled to look out his rear window but seeing the driving in our first 10 minutes in Nairobi we didn’t think that was a problem!

Soon we where joined by the Man Utd of East African Cricket, top of the league in their respective championship. The bus had now doubled in capacity not only in people but also in kit! The roof was now in use! All aboard the bus we set off towards Nakuru and The Rift Valley Sports Club, arriving some 5 hours later, due to Vas (the ex local) directing our driver to take a ‘scenic’ route!

Pleased with the accommodation and facilities we un packed and settled down in the clubhouse to watch a very quick Twenty20 game between a team from Nakuru and Nairobi.

Sore bums from bumpy roads and long haul journeys, we deserve a good night sleep.

See you tomorrow!

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