The Team

Cameron Foster

What do you do: Studying IT, PE, Business and Biology A levels at Winstanley College, Charity Fundraiser, Volunteer Coach, Community Disability Sports Coach, Coca Cola Olympic Torch Relay Ambassador, Lancashire CCC Foundation Ambassador
Cricket Experience: – Club Cricket for Leigh CC: U’17s, 3rd and 2nd XI. Wigan District representative U’15s
Coaching Experience: – Volunteered over 100 hours coaching at local sports camps, coach 2 weekly disability sports sessions, worked with autistic kids and the visually impaired. Also volunteer as a Karate coach and manage and coach the U’9s at Leigh CC.
Why are you doing CWB: – It combines 2 of my passions; Cricket and developing communities.
How did you raise your money: – Business grants, selling wristbands, collections at theatre, justgiving page, presentations and speeches.
Anything interesting/amusing about yourself: – I have a Gold Blue Peter Badge and have given CWB wristbands to Andrew Flintoff, Steve Harmison, Michael Vaughan, James Anderson, Rob Key and Georgie Thompson

Tracey Davies

What you do: Head of Cricket Development at Essex Cricket
Cricket experience: Played for Loughborough University Women’s Team, Coached girls Cricket at a local cricket club, day to day planning, organising and running of cricket development in Essex and Met London as a career 
Coaching experience: 8 coaching qualifications in various sports, including UKCC level 1 Cricket.
Why you are doing CWB: To help make a difference to people in Africa through the power of Cricket 
How you raised your money: Did an all-day danceathon with my dance friends from FirstStepsUK Dance School, spoke to businesses also who kindly donated money, have raised over £2000
Anything interesting/amusing about yourself: I have a black belt in Karate, I have played sport at a high level, including Softball for England Under 19’s and Volleyball for East of England. I am very sporty and driven. I also danced in a hip-hop crew and I love singing, have performed at a couple of friends weddings. I once got a baked bean stuck in my ear and had to go to the medical centre to get it removed 

Brian Robinson

What you do: Retired after thirty-two years as an officer in the Army, followed by a period as a project manager on the building of the Channel Tunnel, followed by several years as a freelance management consultant 
Cricket experience:  Played school, club and army cricket since 1953 (!); still plays vets cricket for Essex and Two Counties League O-60s
Coaching experience: Qualified ECB Club Coach, with responsibility for all women’s and girls’ cricket in North Essex; former coach of Essex women’s team
Why you are doing CWB: to put something back into the game, as well as helping those who need it most; HIV/AIDS is not just an African problem, it affects all of us.
How you raised your money: from friends and family, my club, fellow vets in Suffolk/Essex and the school where I run after-school clubs for the students

Ian Stocker

What you do: I am a banker, not one of those casino bankers, working in City of London
Cricket experience: I’ve played local league cricket in Surrey and Sussex for about 30yrs and love indoor cricket as well
Coaching experience: ECB Level 2 – coach at Horsham CC youth teams from ages 12 to 16; lucky to have been coach to some really talented individuals that have won various County competitions
Why you are doing CWB: give something back to cricket, help Africa, be brave and do something new oh and time away from work
How you raised your money: I arranged a 60 mile mountain bike ride for my u16 team and we raised about £3000 for CWB and a cricket tour
Anything interesting/amusing about yourself: my right leg is nearly half an inch shorter than my left!

Dan Feist

What you do: School Games Organiser / PDM – Lecturer at FE College
Cricket experience: Club Cricket, lots of Cricket Development 
Coaching experience: Been coaching for 12 Years, spent 5 years coaching at Hampshire County cricket club and past 3 Years with Surrey. Coach on Surrey County Age Groups mainly with Girls. Also 3 years experience Coaching Disability cricket as well as providing coaching to over 20 schools, last 4 years been an ECB Tutor and Assessor and now a FBT and IV.
Why you are doing CWB: for the experience of working in another country also to promote the sport of Cricket and to help raise the awareness of HIV / Aids prevention How you raised your money: Sponsored bike ride visiting 13 cricket clubs on way 
Anything interesting/amusing about yourself: Had Mark Waugh dropped first ball in a game against Lashing, and was first person to get 5 wickets at the Rose Bowl in a Varsity Match

Rob McCarroll

What you do: a recent Sports Development graduate from Leeds Met
Cricket experience: Play in the Derbyshire Premier League for Chesterfield – made the odd 12th man fielding appearance for Derbyshire.
Coaching experience: Level 2 coach – coached since 2008 for club and the odd bit of work for the DCB
Why you are doing CWB:
working to benefit those less fortunate, experience of working in a completely new environment, develop personal skills, develop myself as a coach 
How you raised your money: through several raffles, £250 for eating an onion!, club poker night, and donations from friends and family
Anything interesting/amusing about yourself: nothing!


What you do: Currently I am unemployed but for the last 20 years have worked in the flower industry
Cricket experience: I have played cricket for the past 40 years and have been captain of the club team at Teddington Cricket Club for the past 5 years
Coaching experience: I have no coaching experience as I have devoted my time to playing
Why you are doing CWB: to try and give something back to society
How you raised your money: through my cricket club


Scott Chappell

What you do: run my own sports coaching company
Cricket experience:
played club cricket since I was 12 in Cheltenham and Devon
Coaching experience: ECB Club Coach. Coached for the last 11 years from beginners to district and county sides, boys and girls. Currently an ECB Tutor/Assessor.
Why you are doing CWB: to make try and make a difference, as well as to spread cricket around Africa and enable others to enjoy this fantastic sport
How you raised your money: through running a bonus ball competition and making wristbands for all Gloucestershire young cricketers
Anything interesting/amusing about yourself:  when I was 3 years old I went missing on the beach for 4 hours!

Jamie Burton`

What you do: Marketing Insight Analyst
Cricket experience:  Scotland Under 15’s and 17’s. Spent a month in Australia on tour and played Premier League in Scotland
Coaching experience: Western Cricket Academy under 15s, Western Women Cricket Team, ICC Europe and ECB Sky Sports Young Coach of the Year 2010
Why you are doing CWB: For the experience and because I have a real interest in working with children. Combining it with some cricket coaching seems ideal!
How you raised your money: Through friends and family, a car boot sale and a sixes tournament at my club
Anything interesting/amusing about yourself: When drunk invited Adam Gilchrist to come and be the pro at my club. He said he’d think about it…

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