Day 12 – Kisumu Orphanages, Coach Education and Braeburn Kisumu International

We set off at 7.30am to head to the equator!! After another rocky ride on the Kenyan’s pot hole roads and witnessing a petrol lorry in the ditch on the side of the road, we made it safely to the Equator where we played cricket and volleyball over the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

We then went to Kisumu Academy to drop off Dan, Brian, Vas and George to deliver coach education to 15 teachers all who gained an ICC level 1 or 2 coaching certificate, whilst the rest of the crew headed to three very different orphanages in Kisumu.

The first orphanage, St Teresa’s, was for babies to 6 year olds, 82 children live at the orphanage and 4 of the children tested positive for HIV. It was a great experience to meet the children and play some fun games with them and leave them food and gifts.

We then went on to Agape Children’s Home for primary school aged children, they educate the children at the Home, it was shocking to see the dorms and that so many children live in tiny dorms with each other, we spoke to over 30 children in a classroom and left them footballs and cricket equipment, plus food etc.,

We then went on to New Life Orphanage for babies – toddlers, this was the most heart-breaking and touching experience. The orphanages rescue the abandoned babies who have been left on the streets and take them in, there was one baby who was 6 weeks old and she was found on the streets at 1 week old! There were other toddlers who had severe special needs, one was deaf and blind and could not feel! The group were fighting back the tears as we continued playing with the babies and toddlers and giving them as many cuddles as we could!

The Coach Education Course at Kisumu Academy delivered by Dan, Brian, Vas and George went exceptionally well, and we are confident that the teachers will be able to continue the cricket development and ABC HIV/AIDS legacy that CWB has brought to Kenya!

In the afternoon we delivered cricket coaching to over 50 children at Braburn School, the children were very enthusiastic about their cricket, which was great to see!

We then had a lovely lunch on Lake Victoria and spotted a HIPPO swimming in the lake! This was truly amazing! We also saw local Kenyans fishing with

nets in the lake, old hunter style way!

Later back at the Duke of Breeze Hotel there was an almighty thunder storm that sent the electrics up the spout! After a few hours of candles and torches we eventually had our electric back! We have had a very eventful day, one that will never be forgotten! From the Orphanages, to the Hippo, to the Crazy thunder storm! It has been amazing!!


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  1. Andy Hobbs says:

    A truly inspiring day, brilliant work team great to read about everything you have done, you have so obviously gone over and above in everything you have done….adaptability and enjoyment throughout every event…..brilliant stuff, have a safe trip home!


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