Day 8 – Lake Nakuru Safari

A 6am wake up call (on our first day off) was not what the group needed however the opportunity to go on safari in Lake Nakuru National Park was too good to miss and soon everyone was on the bus waiting for the Ice Man to take us!

The day started slowly with it taking 45 minutes before we were allowed in the park however the fun then began! Within 2 minutes around 50 buffalo had threatened to charge the bus, 30 minutes later we were stuck in the mud! 4 times the CWB team had to pile out of the bus to get the Ice Man’s bus out of another sticky mess. Flip flops not the most appropriate footwear (Dan and Jamie!) nor the fact that whilst we were wandering around the safari park pushing the bus, lions were spotted very close by (we later found out!)

Rhinos, giraffes, hyenas, water bucks, gazelles, monkeys, baboons, zebras, owls and many other animals were all spotted and helped make it an enjoyable day off for the hardworking CWB team.

The pictures speak for themselves!

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  1. mohammed says:

    hey guys!! had a really great time at the park with the bus getting tuck an all!!! hope y’all enjoyed your stay in nakuru

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