Moment of the Day

Day 1 – We where travelling to Nakuru in the blue mean machine when all of a sudden there was a massive bang and a cloud of brown dust approach us from in front. The huge petrol trucks rear tire had burst with debris spread everywhere. It sure made us all jump off our seats!

Day 2 – Being bombarded by hundreds of Orphans whilst giving out bands and t shirts.

Day 3 – A group of girls from East More High singing the 2010 South Africa World Cup Song ‘ Waka waka’ ‘It’s time for Africa!’

Day 4 – 80 kids doing the Manchester City ‘Poznan’ Celebration to rub in the 6 – 1 defeat of Cameron’s Man Utd.

Day 5 – Cameron being chased by hundred of primary school kids around the yard. Tracey being pulled across the playground by a stampede of hundreds of extremely excited kids, and nearly getting pulled under!

Day 6 – Dan performing his amazing funky chicken dance during a one hand one bounce game under a small shelter where tens of kids repeated in a down right funky fashion!

Day 7 – A chicken flying out of a cardboard box, with its legs tied together, literally 2 metres away from Cameron and Tracey whilst uploading the blog at a local internet cafe. An animal rights protest was nearly on the cards at one stage!

Day 8 – Having the blue mean machine sliding sideways around the safari park and having to get out and rescue it by pushing it out of some serious foliage. Only to find out that we were all on foot 20 yards away from where the Pride of Lions were recently spotted.

Day 9 – Singing parodies along the 8007359077 mile diversion to Kericho!

Day 10 – Driving down to Lake Victoria expecting something similar to Sandbanks but only to find the ghetto of Kisumu!

Day 11 – Tracey and Rob singing and dancing the largest ‘Hokey Cokey’ ever witnessed in Kenya!

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