Day 9 – Kericho Coach Education, Arrival in Kisumu and Resident Scot’s Birthday

An early start and we jumped on board the Ice Man fun bus as we set off for the CWB new adventure in Kisumu about an 100KM (ish) journey to the north east of Nakuru. All started off well on the journey as the roads were impressive and the scenery along the same lines. Then the turn in fortunes happened as a large diversion sign sent us off into the middle of nowhere and a journey that will not see our backs recover before Christmas, and team leader Princess Tracey’s pants having to be changed a few times due to some of the locals driving. Thankfully Ice Man lived up to his name and kept his cool. The up side was the amazing scenery that we encountered en-route and the many strange parodies that were sung to many a classic song, and invented a new game of wave tennis with the locals.

Along are journey to Kisumu we were invited to stop at Kericho Teacher Training college one of the largest primary teacher training colleges in Kenya. Despite arriving a little late due to our diversion we set up a Coach Ed that was set out for 30 trainee teachers and ended up being 100! In two hours we managed to get everyone through an Introduction to coaching course to the soothing sounds of the college choir in the background. We were unfortunately only stopped by an amazing thunderstorm that made the sports ground look more like a paddy field than a sports ground. The college kindly offered us lunch though Princess Tracey was thankful that we were not staying the night with the toilet facilities that were on offer.

We left Kericho at 2.30pm and headed on the final 2 hour journey to Kisumu and was again welcomed by a diversion that shook the bus. We arrived in Kisumu at 5pm to be welcomed by The Daily Breeze hotel that brought up a few concerned looks from the CWB Bus. But once the Roof Top terrace was found and Jamie’s birthday celebrations begun this was soon forgotten, and the fondest memory of the day apart from the bumpy Road, the 100 new coaches, the lightening storm has to be Birthday boy Jamie finishing his 25th Birthday Party sitting on a Giraffe!


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5 Responses to Day 9 – Kericho Coach Education, Arrival in Kisumu and Resident Scot’s Birthday

  1. RHINO says:

    Looks like the birthday boy is on course to win the Best Facial Hair competition…!

  2. Norman says:

    The Jamie & the giraffe incident – was it alcohol assisted?

  3. Sue Foster says:

    Hi to you all,
    The blog is amazing I don’t know how you find the time and energy to do this after your very hectic days.
    I really look forward to seeing what happens next on what seems to be an amazing experience for you all.
    Great to see a bit of singing and dancing going on out there !! ‘funky chicken dance’ HA HA
    Keep up the fabulous work you are all doing, thoroughly enjoy your last few days and bring back lots of memories.

  4. Lorraine Hanmer says:

    Just read all the events. I cannot believe how much you pack into a day. All the children are absolutely gorgeous. I think I would be very tempted to try and smuggle a couple home!!!

    It looks like an experience that you will never forget.

    Enjoy your last few days away. All have a safe journey home xxx

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