First time Emily blogs about our first days coaching in Arua

That’s it. I am hooked. To be honest, I think we’re all hooked now; hooked to spreading the word of CWB, hooked to help make a difference, somehow. The moment you make eye contact with these children is the moment you forget about everything other than the reason why we came here.


Indeed, we turned up in the ground of a middle school at 9.30 am to train 9 teachers. 15 turned up. Result. The morning kicked off with a quick game of kwik cricket organised by the local teachers. Well done to Lee who tried to show off with a ramp shot but got caught behind…The rest of the morning was spent on going over CWB’s coaching methods and get the locals to deliver their own coaching sessions. It was amazing to see what all these teachers had remembered since the last time CWB had visited them, 6 months ago.Picture 018

The afternoon was full of other surprises, where we all ended up being divided into small groups and sent off to teach in four different schools. One session started off with a herd of long horned cows hogging the “ground”, neither Clive nor Daryll had planned for this… I was sent off with Grace to another rural school. This was the moment I completely forgot home, the UK and to be honest, everything else; except for those children and their future. I was terrified when I started my session then everything fell into place; ALL the kids knew their ABC’s which just showed the powerful impact CWB’s had already.

Picture 022

It is now 7 pm and although I am genuinely enjoying a cool beer and a bit of rest, I just can’t wait for tomorrow, for another day, for another hundreds of humbling smiles.