As the trip approaches, why not make yourself familiar with the North Uganda team for 2013!

Team Leader: Lee Booth

Lee Booth











A CWB verteran who needs very little introduction!  This is Lee's second Spring 2013 project and he helped set up the     connections in North Uganda that have made this trip possible.


Martin Fears










Fundraising: £635 so far

Unique Fundraiser: a complete stranger on donated $150 [£100.29] – now that's generous
Reason for Getting Involved: Cricket has been a major part of my life, one way or another. This is an opportunity to spread the game of cricket to new parts of the world.
Day Job(s). I have 2 jobs, from Sep-May I work in IT as a contract project manager [explains my obsession for planning and being organised]. During the summer months I switch to cricket coaching – [Shropshire] county boys u13, club [Wellington CC] u14/15/16 and Chance-2-Shine + summer camps.

Unusual Fact: Rejected Sussex u14 cricket colt so switched to motorbike racing [10 years] and raced against Barry Sheene and Damon Hill.

Cricket Experience: Have played cricket for 45 years for a couple of clubs in Sussex and Shropshire at various standards – 1sts to 4ths. Toured Cape Town with the Shropshire over 50's in 2007 [as an under age pup], still playing for Wellington 4ths helping to bring the youngsters into adult cricket. I gained my club coach [level 2.5] award in 2011 and hope next year to go on to do level 3. Video analysis and fast-bowling is my specialist areas.


Darryl Woods














Fundraising total: £1565
Unique fundraiser: (not sure if it is unique, however!) February Half Term Coaching course where all the proceeds will go to CWB
Reason for getting involved: My daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome around 18 months ago and this just gave me a different outlook on life and I saw CWB on an email that someone had sent around and thought this would be the next chapter in my coaching journey.
Day job: PART/full time cricket coach – Academy director of DWCC, Oxfordshire's Emerging Players programme head coach, I Coach Oxfordshire Boys and Girls at under 17 level and also coach the Oxfordshire ladies team. I also help with the coaching for the new Oxfordshire Academy (17-23 yr olds). I also help coach one of the districts at Under 11 and 15 stages. I am the chairman of the Oxfordshire Cricket Board Coaching Association and the West Oxon District Development Group. Sometimes forget which hat I am wearing at
Interesting fact: I played against Markus Trescothick when he was 17, he scored 150 and we all thought he may well make it internationally!
Cricketing experience: Opened the batting for Oxfordshire Minor Counties Team, Captained Oxfordshire at youth level an Over 25's and club sides for around 25 years on and off.


Laura Daniels










Fundraising total so far: £757/£750 (

Unique Fundraiser: Raffle including Stephen Fry signed autobiography
Reason you got involved with the charity: I'm a bit of a volunteer addict so getting to use cricket to bring communities together and talk about issues that are surrounded by stigma seemed like a great opportunity to meet great people, make an impact and have some fun!
Day job: EngD Energy Engineering at Reading Uni
Interesting Fact: I'm practically blind in my left eye due to paralysed muscles around my pupil
Cricketing Experience: Level 2 coach. Previously played county age group cricket and currently bowl away swing for Catford Wanderers Women's CC and bat when the situation forces me to. 


Michael Maietta

Michael Maietta
Fundraising total so far: £825 (
Unique Fundraiser: My nan, mum and aunties cake sales
Reason you got involved with the charity: I love cricket and love coaching mainly. Plus never been to africa and thought it would be a great experience.
Day job: Student with a bit of coaching when possible
Interesting Fact: Once caught Inzamam Ul Haq out at long on and he went to hit it out the ground in a district game Vs Lashings World XI.
Cricketing Experience:  Level 1 coach in middle of level 2 training. Play for Bexley 2's and a fair bit of coaching. Played for the district throughout my younger ages.

Emily and Clive

Clive and Emily













Fundraising Total so far: £2500 (for both Clive and I)

Unique fundraiser: wedding presents became donations + various small work fundraising efforts.
Reason you got involved with the charity:
Emily: I want to share a skill whilst spreading a message that will make a difference to both children and adults. I want to be more globally responsible. I realise that my way of life has an impact across all continents. This is may way of "paying" something back.
Clive: to see if I can make a small contribution to a small fraction of a population, to go to Africa, and to support my wife – Emily has wanted to do this ever since I met her nearly five years ago.
Day Job:
Emily: Primary school teacher
Clive: Financial consultant
Interesting/Unusual/Gross(!) fact about yourself:
Emily: I am proud to be the only Belgian in the world who is cricket crazy (because I am the only Belgian who knows there is a difference between cricket and croquet) and the only Belgian who hates Belgian chocolates (cadburys all the way!)
Clive: I once was the top ice-cream salesman in Oklahoma (a long time ago but still!)
Cricketing Experience:
Emily: I play (badly) for a small village club, coach cricket to primary school children and have been a general cricket fan since the 2005 Ashes.
Clive: both my sons and my wife are cricket crazy, have been supporting my sons in all their cricketing endeavours since they were 4-5 years old. They are now 15 and 19. I have just been brainwashed.