Uganda Spring 2013

Uganda Spring 2013

This Spring volunteers from CWB will be once again travelling to Uganda to coach and develop cricket with key AIDS awareness messages. You can follow their progress here on this blog.
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Project Reflections

Project Reflections

Laura reflects on her first CWB project, an amazing two weeks spent in Africa. After a cold beer in the hotel in Arua, my excitement levels were running high.  I could tell from the faces of the other Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) volunteers that they were feeling the same.  The beer was well deserved as...
Day 11 - The End of Days

Day 11 – The End of Days

Laura with a report on our final days coaching here in Uganda Wow! What a sight it was to see a total of SEVEN cricket games being played simultaneously this morning at the ‘Lira Oval’. Five primary schools were joined by an assorted ‘ringers xi’ in a tournament and Langot College played a separate game to...
Day 10 - St Patrick's Day

Day 10 – St Patrick’s Day

It was Mikes turn to blog tonight however having interviewed Patrick a teacher from Otim Tom Primary School who we introduced to cricket a year ago we decided that no words we could put down would explain more eloquently the reason we are here in Northern Uganda and the power that sport can have in...
Day 9 - The Sound of Music

Day 9 – The Sound of Music

Darryl reports on all the action from our first day in Lira Another hot and steamy day in Northern Uganda as we embarked on our first coaching session with the coaches of Lira it was like the end credits of Dads Army as we marched over to our field a couple of minutes away from...
Day 8 – Beckham’s and Desmond Tutu’s

Day 8 – Beckham’s and Desmond Tutu’s

Emily our Belgium correspondent reports on festival day in Gulu Potentially a great start here in Gulu this morning when at 10.15 (the most punctual so far), two local teachers arrived at our “ground” (a large field with goats grazing – and at times unvoluntarily fielding), shame the rest didn’t follow as we only ended...
Day 7 - Any Given Sunday

Day 7 – Any Given Sunday

First time CWB-er Laura blogs about our Sunday in Gulu. It was one fine day here at Police Primary.  We saw two primary schools arrive in the morning and all 50 children had a chance to practice some batting, bowling and fielding under the expert guidance of their teachers with us CWB coaches hovering around...
Day 6 - Not Police Academy

Day 6 – Not Police Academy

Clive blogs from Gulu on Day 6 our first coaching day here This morning, we went to Police Primary school near the centre of Gulu eta 9.30 for a 10 o’clock start to coach 16 local teachers. Things started well and we were delighted when about 60 children also arrived so we could teach them...
Day 5 - Road Trip!

Day 5 – Road Trip!

With today being a travel day with not much happening first time volunteer Martin passes the time blogging as the human IMDB. Day 5 sees a near Total Recall as we are On the Bus travelling again, our West Side Story in Arua over, we travelled East along the Yellow Brick Road (if only). We...
Day 4 - Cool Runnings

Day 4 – Cool Runnings

Michael the youngster of the group blogs about our last day here in Arua. Festival day here in Arua and what a day it was. There were a few tired faces this morning as the team gradually walked in for breakfast due to the impressive sounding thunderstorm that struck throughout the night. Anyway back to...
Day 3  - Pitch Perfect!

Day 3 – Pitch Perfect!

Darryl Woods a CWB First timer and ECB Level 3 coach talks about his first experiences coaching in Africa. We all turned up on day 3 with Great Expectations as five schools embarked on the Arua primary school playing fields, after supporting the local coaches through several drills including the encouragement with all the very...
Day 2 - Dropped in at the deep end

Day 2 – Dropped in at the deep end

First time Emily blogs about our first days coaching in Arua That’s it. I am hooked. To be honest, I think we’re all hooked now; hooked to spreading the word of CWB, hooked to help make a difference, somehow. The moment you make eye contact with these children is the moment you forget about everything...
Day 1... The time has come!

Day 1… The time has come!

A short blog for Day 1 as it has been a day of travel with an overnight flight and the long coach trip up to the North West of the country. After being treated to complimentary champagne on the flight (due to a pilot friend of Darryl’s!), our first day of travel threw us a...