An eventful day……..

Yesterday was a highly eventful day with an HIV/Aids presentation to the children at Chania Boys School at their 7-40 assembly, Coach Ed concluding , the top team (David, Gary and Tracey) having some highly productive meetings with local interest groups and two schools coached (800 kids) inc a very emotional trip in the afternoon to a school in the slum area of Thika which left all of the team in tears, even during the team de brief at the end of the day. Watch out for separate blogs from the Top Team and also Sammie (re the visit to the slum) shortly.

P1010735In terms of Coach Ed, the dream team (Leigh, Cameron and Gary) successfully assessed 25 coaches after having run some final fielding drills. Gary did amazingly well having been ravaged by mozzies the previous day to the extent that if you join the bites up on his back it would spell CWB ABC!!! Poor man!! Again, the coaches demonstrated that they had understood the coaching process, and ABCs were strong. 

We then had to wait for the Sports Minister to arrive for the presentation which saw the best part of 3 hours pass by, during which time we took lunch and organised a full blown 10 over a side game involving all of the new coaches, which allowed the grudge match between Cameron and Nicholas to re-commence (having continued early in the morning with a highly competitive game of one hand one bounce). This was great to see, with the coaches bowling off full run ups and batting amazingly well considering most of them knew nothing about the game a day earlier. They dont need much coaching on throwing out here…….


Despite some sitting around, it was another highly satisfactory day and the level of interest in the game is amazing. The only downside for Cameron and I was to miss out on the coaching session at the slum school, which was an amazing experience including being able to see Elizabeth (one of our new coaches) working with the children; she is a truly inspiring lady but more from Sammie separately on that one……….


Signing out for now