A Brief Update and Apology

A two day blog here due to internet problems in Nakuru.


It seems bizarre that now the team is smaller than it has been since Day 4, we are overrun with coaches.  So many of the Tutor Education coaches have joined us, along with David and Peter from Cricket Kenya.  Coupled with smaller groups than in Murang'a and Thika (phew!) we are fully enjoying some more personal coaching and delivery of HIV/AIDS messages.



There have been some fantastic school names over the last two days:


Flamingo Primary (complete with Baboons but no flamingos) 

Crater Primary



Plus some others incluing Kenyatta and Menengai that take our total to well over 5000 children coached throughout the trip.  

We've seen Sam and Kelly chanting 'Reilly is a ginger' with 100 children, Sammie cause a nose bleed from her powerful singing and a headteacher fall through the door in his excitment to greet us.   Nakuru is certainly a different experience to the last two regions but we have seen some fantastic cricketers here; Cricket Kenya are doing a good job.  



Some talented cricketers are still unable to play league matches if they cannot afford their club membership.  It's sad to see such natural talent go to waste.  Sam has kindly offered to pay one boy, Isaac's membership fees and I certainly cannot wait to hear how his cricket develops through this – he is already a better bowler than Sam anyway! 

Some photos to finish up and a promiste that tomorrow there will be a blog from Sammie on a visit to a school she worked at several years ago.  

DSC_0572 DSC_0585 DSC_0227 DSC_0422

We simply cannot believe we only have a few days left here and I am certainly realising how little time we do have left after spending the afternoon running around after trophies for the tournament on Friday!