Six o’clock outside Terminal 3 at Heathrow was the meeting place for the 9 volunteers to depart ready for the CWB Autumn 2011 trip to Rwanda.

Luckily all the hard-ball kit was delivered by car saving many a back breaking journey through central London and a big thanks to Helen for helping out with this. After what is I am sure the standard CWB weigh bags – over weight, empty bags, repack bags, weigh again this time holding up the corner of the bag to show that it is now under weight we were checked in and headed to the bar for some food and a drink before the flight.

Eight hours and several terrible films later we touched down in Addis Ababa, much to the disappointment of the returning volunteers we were placed in the older Terminal 1 thus depriving us of the opportunity to sample the Zil Zil Tibs. The other main problem was the lack of space in Terminal 1 restricting the possibility of getting a good game of cricket in, although this was solved after proceeding to the gate as we found a handy corridor for a good half hour match.

The weather in Addis was not great and indeed in Tim’s opinion it was the worst he had ever seen in Ethiopia, this of course being drawn from his massive experience of the country gained on the last trip.

There was just one more stop then in a rainy Uganda, before the final 40 minute flight to Kigali. Happily all of the bags made it safely over including the rather large ‘Portable’ net. Once out of the airport we were greeted by Cesar from the RCA and taken back to the apartments.

We are now getting freshened up after the journey ready to meet the RCA for dinner later, hopefully I will report back tonight. If not an early start is already planned for tomorrow as we start coaching up North in Ruhengeri. – Lee Booth
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