After a very enjoyable Indian meal with the top dogs of the RCA (many thanks to Charles!) , we were thrown in to the first day of coaching with a rather cramped three hour trip to the North West of the country, Ruhengeri.

An emotional reunion with ‘Big Eric’ the Joel Garner of Rwandan cricket followed and we arrived at the picturesque University of Ruhengeri. The playing field is set amongst live volcanoes, terraced mountain sides and lush fauna, but unfortunately it was being used by the local football team when we arrived. Not to be put off, we started an impromptu coaching session on the terraces with 30 or so enthusiastic kids.

The football finished (5-1 to the home team since you asked) and we had access to the football field. We split the field into the coaching of the University team and older players and three stations for the youngsters. The new CWB coaches threw themselves in to the thick of it carrying on the high fiving, all out enthusiasm of the last trip and we soon had balls flying everywhere and kids and coaches having a great time.

The afternoon finished with a fiercely competitive game with the Uni and CWB coaches playing a notable role including some agricultural hitting from Lee Booth and a game stoppingly brilliant catch by David Terrace. It was great to see the energy and passion for cricket especially from the captain of the Uni who gave a great speech at the end and clearly loves the game

The only disappointment of the day was the weather, which compared to the heat wave in England, was a bit miserable! Still it was great day and worth the six hours sat in a cramped van on dubious roads!

Pizza and Mutzig beckons, to take in the first day and reflect on being thrown in at the deep end! – Dave Terrace
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