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Kenya Spring 2014

CEO David blogs about his experience in Africa Having never set foot on African soil prior to starting in my role as CEO for CWB, I was quite probably feeling the same emotions as many of our volunteers do in the same situation, ahead of a two week project. Excitement, a dash of apprehension and […]

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Uganda Spring 2014

The Uganda Spring project again had the team travelling north to continue the work started in 2012 in the towns of Lira, Gulu and Arua. And it is incredible to see the progress that has taken place here in such a short period. Much of the credit for this must go to Grace the regional […]

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Rwanda Spring 2014

Springs Rwanda project was the first to be run since the Rwandan Cricket Association with grant money from CWB employed 2 ambassadors to continue the work of CWB between projects and also to help arrange and best use our time when in country. Eric and Audi have proved a real asset for both CWB and […]

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Botswana Spring 2014

Adam Park-Elliott reflects on his time tutoring in Botswana. And so the umpire has nudged the bails off and another CWB Botswana Project comes to a close – 28 new coaches successfully through their ICC Introductory or Level 1 assessment on the final day at Francistown. Making a total of 80 new coaches for this […]

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Cameroon Spring 2014

Dave Terrace on the second ever CWB visit to Cameroon. On our second visit to Cameroon, over a year since the first, we repeated the itinerary of the first trip but progressed the relationship between CWB and the Cameroon cricket association significantly. Thefirst week was based in Yaounde where we were provided with a number […]

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Kenya Autumn 2013

Callum Mayfield summarises his experience in Kenya. So, that was Kenya Autumn 2013. A quite incredible trip that took to some fascinating places, opened our eyes to some wonderful and thought provoking sights, introduced us to many new friends and undoubtedly left us with some unforgettable memories  Our time in Kenya got off to a […]

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Uganda Autumn 2013

First time volunteer Clare talks about her CWB experience When I first heard about Cricket Without Boundaries, CWB, I was intrigued and interested but this was tempered with a hint of caution or maybe even scepticism. It was a case of once burnt twice shy; the last volunteering I had done involved spending a day […]

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Rwanda Autumn 2013

PL Jule's final thoughts on 2 weeks in Rwanda It's safe to say that for all of us, the past two weeks have been immense fun and we have all learned something new about Rwanda, cricket, each other and ourselves. It amazes me how CWB can put together a team of relative strangers, fly them […]

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Botswana Autumn 2013

CWBs sixth specific Botswana project started with the team based in the capital Gaborone for the first week with coaching sessions in the nearby towns of Kanye, Moshupa and Jwaneng, world famous for its huge diamond mine. Being based in the capital also allowed our HIV/AIDS specialist Sam to arrange various meeting with local contacts […]

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Uganda Spring 2013

We set off with a team of 8 guys to Entebbe, to begin our project, teaching Cricket and giving our HIV/AIDS message to those we met. It was hot. At 2.00 pm every day, it was very hot and even the locals were moving a little slower in the afternoon. The team however, never buckled […]

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East Uganda Spring 2013

I’ve found Uganda a vibrant and fascinating country. Everywhere you turn there are sights and sounds which attack the senses. Sometimes there are even rolling hills that reminded me of Scotland! The people are what makes any nation and the Ugandan’s are amongst the friendliest, most helpful and genuinely caring individuals I’ve met. I decided […]

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Rwanda Spring 2013

The first week we were based in and around Kigali, visiting a mixture of schools from public to private and primary to secondary, not forgetting the incredible Rwandan Orphans Project (ROP), where the team all turned into Madonna and if we could have brought a child each home we would have.  In the second week […]

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Northern Uganda Spring 2013

Once more the CWB team visited the three Northern Ugandan towns Arua, Lira and Gulu. It is amazing to see what a difference 12 months has made since the first visit with schools in all of the areas embracing the game and also the important messages that we have helped to pass along. So what […]

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