And so we become 11.


First time volunteer Reilly reflects on an emotional day.




After a relaxed morning for the team, with Reilly and Kelly sunbathing around the pool and most of the team taking a trip into town. Papa Bear (Leigh) become the property of a local resident in the village, Richard finding his long lost brother and a working bank was finally found! Sammie decided to attempt to drive an African car with the handbrake still on and our team became 11 with the arrival of Tracey and David.




The afternoon came as a big change of pace at a Children’s Home, Kandana.  It was both emotional and fun! It started with a tour of the children’s home showing us the sleeping areas for the children, the kitchen where chapattis were being cooked by the older children. We then took a trip into the crèche where all the babies were. This was where the emotions began to take over as we were holding 6 month old babies orphaned by parents, but we soon had them laughing and giggling when we were playing with them. After prising ourselves away from two beautiful little girls we donated games, clothes, colouring books, pencils and cricket kit to the children’s home.





Nicholas introduced CWB and ABC to the children before we took them outside to play cricket with them. This was mayhem! Tennis balls everywhere, Tracey singing and dancing with many children, at one point one massive conga line around the pitch and Cameron hitting balls into the water tank! For some reason the children were fascinated by Leigh’s moustache and were queuing up to touch the moustache. Newton, a child at the orphanage, was passed around every member of the team throughout the morning with Reilly teaching him the Yorkshire dialect.



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  1. Bless their cotton socks as my Mum would say, I'm lucky to have one of course. Well done team, must have been tough keeping the emotions in check 🙂

  2. Really enjoying reading the blogs! Sounds like you guys are doing something pretty amazing out there… Just  curious to read about Richard's long lost brother….?!

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