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October 23rd 2010

Mike Griggs - tutor

Greetings from Gaborone! I was wondering what to write about. Should it be the unforgettable HIV message that Allan the Meerkat delivered today? Should I mention the three Spurs supporters who stopped watching (with tears in their eyes) after 30 minutes into the match only because they were losing 3-0 to Inter Milan? Or maybe the impossible heat in that we coached today? Perhaps I could write about the 120 children that showed up this afternoon after we coached some new and some ‘old faces’ teachers at Mochudi – Ramagotsi school.

Will McLaren-Clark

No, there will be lots of that in the following days, I am sure. Instead I decided to take the easy option and introduce our amazing team.

Team Leader – Will has been sorting out our trip ever since… always. Being in Africa, nothing happens the way it’s planned and he is the one who always gets the stick for it. He can do a great Mike McIntyre laugh (in my opinion) and I think he could turn that into a new career.

Miss France – Veronique was last year classed as a WAG. Not happy with that title we swiftly changed it to Miss France and it seemed to have stuck (however, she is sometimes referred to as the Wine Goddess). V is one of the main photographers of the trip and we know she can perform a great pull shot. Nothing escapes her camera except for the unexpected catches. She doesn’t mind risking her life at square leg just to get ‘the picture’.

Veronique Cowan-Goessant and Mike Reeves

Meerkat – Allan has not disappointed so far. Spending a great portion of his time listening to music of dubious choice he acts as the First Aid expert (in fact, he did save the Water Goddess’ life today when she got too hot and bothered and in need of water…). Meerkat is also our treasurer and his immaculate book keeping skills ensure that we have money for food every evening.

The Eye Candy – Adrian is still minus his luggage. Today he officially gave in and went shopping for new clothes. The members of the team believe that he has, in fact, acquired more clothes in the last few days than what he had in his wandering bag. The nick name is of uncertain origin, some saying Adrian suggested it himself, some are of the opinion that he simply is The Eye Candy.

Chris Bond

Brad – Chris showed off his six-pack and the ladies agreed that Brad is a good name for the resident boxer. Named as the team wicket keeper, he is dedicating his time not only to sleeping and drinking gallons of water (to the delight of the Water Goddess) but also to practising his new skills. Wicket keeping and Braai (BBQ ) cooking.

Some say, they are cricketers. Some say, they are triplets. All we know is, that they’re all called Mike !

Veronika Reeves

The Tutor – Mike G is a returnee just like the most of the team. He makes sure that we know what to do and when to do it. His great responsibility is also to ensure that there is always a steady flow of jokes, be it year old ones. He hates snoring.

Blog Bitch – Mike R has earned this endearing nickname by setting up this blog and spending time every day by uploading the entries and photos online, so that you, lucky people, have something interesting to read! He is known for his cutting comments and ever present sarcasm.

Mike Stratford

Mike S – he is so special that we haven’t managed to give him a title yet. He seems to have escaped the naming committee! His everyday observations are countless and his role is to ensure that double entendre is ever present. He delivered a worthy presentation on umpiring with Meerkat. Unfortunately he was forced to ask The Tutor and the Blog Bitch to go on the naughty step for their unwanted questions and interfering. No surprise there then…

Water Goddess – Veronika, yours truly, has been selected to look after the purchase of water bottles and light snacks for the second year running. Her duty is to make sure that all members of the team receive 2 bottles of water in the morning (three in Brad/Chris’s case) and stick to the drinking regime. She has however failed to drink enough today and had to be rescued by Meerkat and an ice pack!

Adrian Shankar

And that’s it for today, friends and relatives. A little bit too much information maybe, but I just felt that it was important to introduce ourselves now that we finally know each other!

Your Water Goddess

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