Welcome to Gabarone

Welcome to Botswana.

Ladies & Gentleman, the final CWB project of spring 2015 is underway.

After a slight delay the team gathered in Gabarone on sunday. After a much needed shower a short trip down the road to the Botswana Cricket Association for a brief meet & greet, along with a fabulous curry. The boys and girls went off to bed nice and early ahead of a trip to Lobatse for a day of coaching.


The group lead by Mark were bright and bushy tailed on the Monday morning as the excitement to get coaching was there for all in to see in old and new volunteers. New volunteers Ross was taken under the wing by Mark for the morning as we were provided with a great session of both disabled and able bodied student from the wonderful Bothakga The children were fantastic as the helped each other through the plethora of stations to introduce them to cricket. At the same time new local recruit to CWB Dimpo, was given his baptism of fire. Not only was he mounted up with the GoPro (no hiding place when all you work is on video!) but he was thrust into the limelight of the bowling demonstrations. A small group of new coaches were put through their training paces by Greg and before long they were there running sessions themselves to good effect.

The afternoon was true CWB coaching, Kids cricket and carnage! As you expect things started to a plan but as the hoards of children joined in from every possible corner of the town the numbers rose from 75 to 200+ very quickly. In true CWB style, the team rose to the occasion and a successful session was had by all. Proof in that pudding being the sounds of ABC being chanted on our departure.

Upon our arrival back at the Stay easy inn we were met by our latest member of the group as Tim arrived from his around the world delayed journey.

P1000920Tuesday took us to Lady Mitchison & Kgafele primary school, upon arrival we were greeted with 16 willing teachers ready to get stuck into the coach education session. With the sun beating down the session was in good spirits and all the coaches thrived through. In the afternoon the session was very much fly by wire as the number of predicted kids went 300 to 0 faster than a student loan. In true CWB fashion though we planned for the worst and delivered a great session to 150 kids. From a personal point the afternoon I shouted the ABCT’S out to the point that my voice was more than a little worse for wear.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Glad CWB are back in Botswana and back making a difference in what’s a great country.
    Say hello to Clem and the team at the Gab Oval (Shameelah and co!) from me!
    Put a few pula on the blackjack at the Gab Sun casino!
    Lots of love
    Cal (in Tasmania watching the WC Final!)

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