Gamodubu games

Today began with a well earned lay in for the team following a packed first week of school visits and the community day in Gabs. The talk of the breakfast table was dominated by the precious nights narrow defeat at the BCA oval – 2 runs!DSC04103

Mrs B (our driver for the day) was soon pulling up in the bus to take us to Gamodubu children’s care trust – a day centre for children of all ages who have been affected by HIV/AIDS. On an extremely hot Saturday morning we pulled into the centre and soon started to play games with the children. Before long the outdoor area was full of 70+ children and CWB coaches – everyone involved in playing various games of scatter ball, head shoulders knees and toes and just some simple catching and hitting.DSC04118

The centre itself was built to provide children with a place of respite during the day along with a good meal. The children were either living with HIV/AIDS in their family or had lost parents to the disease. Some of the children we spoke to were living in fear of the disease after seeing it affect their parents and family. By the end of our visit every child had seen cricket being played, heard the HIV messages on protecting themselves and the majority had taken part in some games.

We left Gamodubu knowing more than ever how important the work is that CWB does in order to reduce the number of people in Botswana living with the disease.

With the rest of the day our own to relax before embarking on our road trip to Francistown on Sunday, it started to rain – typical.

The team waved off Tim who was returning to Oslo after his week with us in Gabs. Tim has been hugely enthusiastic all week and great with the kids, we will miss him next week in Francistown.

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  1. Massively impressive the power you all bring to the message of caring and having fun at the same time. The world is a better place for your efforts in Botswana.

  2. Having worked with African communities I appreciate how long lasting the impact of this work can be.
    Seriously impressive

  3. Gamodubu is an amazing place! I hope Shirley was well – and they’ve finally managed to get their water supply sorted? If not… Mark, I think you may need a bigger taxi this time?
    Great work everyone.

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