A festival of sports

What a day we had, it was festival day here in Mbarara and so we headed to the field for 9.30 and arrived to see various sports going on and big crowds watching, netball, volleyball and football were all being played as as part of the regional school games gala. It was so refreshing to see so many people here playing and watching sport and loving every minute of it.

We managed to find a place to set up our rapid fire tournament, and then helped the HIV testing team carry their equipment through the crowds to set up next to our pitches.

The kids loved the cricket and we played nearly 30 games which is astonishing as when we turned up it looked like it would be a struggle to find space but the CWB team like every other day got to work and set this tournament up for the participating schools. To say it was a success is a under statement! What a day it was l, it even rained for a bit but that didn’t put anyone off.

The HIV testing went really well, over 70 kids getting tested from the cricket alone, the testing team were staying around all afternoon to test any of the thousands of other players or spectators from the other sports so I am sure the number tested at the end of the day was much higher.

After the tournament we took the ride to the last town we are visiting, Masaka. The team enjoyed a meal in the hotel but unfortunately no pool as PL Lee had promised (obviously just getting our hopes up) anyway what a great day what a great experience this is.

Massive shout out to all the team for their amazing work, absolutely quality work. This is my last blog of the trip and just wanted to thank and praise every single volunteer for their efforts and for making this one of the best experiences of my life, legends every single one of you. Here’s to the next trip!


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