CWB and behaviour change

All Cricket Without Boundaries projects ultimately hope to inspire behaviour change, be it changes in risky sexual behaviour, or the practice of “cutting” girls.

To support behaviour change we need to think about more than just teaching young people about healthy and positive behaviours. Knowledge is just one step on the way to making a change!

Cricket Without Boundaries want to create an environment where people are able to practice positive behaviours. This means we have to help to challenge negative social norms (the unspoken “rules” about how people behave) and other barriers to change, and help empower people so they feel they are able to make a change.


Empower youth from within, so they are more confident and have greater belief in their capability.


Challenge negative social norms and barriers to change. Raise awareness of the facts about HIV/FGM.


Empower youth to make a change individually and as part of a group, so they can practice positive behaviours.

This document outlines the facts about HIV and FGM, highlights how they affect the countries CWB operates in and explores the barriers to behaviour change. Throughout the document the role CWB’s volunteers can play in tackling these challenges is highlighted.

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