Day 8 – Rain stops play in Rwanda

So after the successful festival + trip to the museum yesterday the team set off on the journey back to Kigali at 9 this morning! After arriving and setting up camp in their rooms the team filtered off to a nearby hotel to buy their lunch.

The team also discovered that they had actually made it into a Rwandan Newspaper with a picture from last year’s trip and quotes from the project leader rob.

They then travelled to a secondary school where they set up a game of cricket changing batsmen every time there was a wicket. As this was going on Andrew was playing with some of the other children and some street kids which was great to see as well as the bus driver Salomon/Saramon (whatever he is called) also getting involved again in his new prize possession (CWB shirt donated to him by Dan).

After the game had gone on for long enough the team split the game up into two teams with Chris, James and rob teaming with some of the kids against Dan, Alex and Lewis with the remainder of the kids. With one local and one mazungoo opening the batting robs team batted first. The team managed to notch up a score of 74-7 (only 8 players a team). Alex opened the batting with one of the locals on his team however the team only managed to score 7 without loss before rain once again briefly stopped play like it had so many times already today. Unfortunately the rain didn’t stop and the playing area got in an unplayable state meaning something the team never expected had just happened ….. RAIN HAD STOPPED PLAY IN AFRICA!!!

To make things worse as the team left the school the bus managed to get stuck in the mud resulting in 4 team members James, Alex, Andrew and Rob having to get out and push the bus free so that they could travel back to the hotel.

Truly unbelievable + unexpected scenes in Rwanda!!!

(Unfortunately due to bad weather the team did not take many photos today so apologies for that)

Here is one that was taken!