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Day 11

Day 11

As we draw to the close of play on our trip, we are given a timely reminder of home, as for the next three days we are joined by the BBC, who are out making a documentary on CWB. Whilst we are waiting for Aunty Beeb to land, for the morning session we are joined...
Day 10 - Here come the girls

Day 10 – Here come the girls

Of the groups we have coached over the past 10 days around the country, we have always coached to a mixture of girls and boys. You only have to look at the profile page of the team members on this CWB trip to know that there are members of the team, whose involvement in cricket...
Day 9 - There is a Green Hill

Day 9 – There is a Green Hill

After a successful first week, Ange had worked out that we have coached cricket and spoken  to 728 children about HIV/AIDs, we headed out to a local bar for beers, pizza, and el classico, before some us went to throw some shapes at the local nightclub ‘Planet’. Following a rather entertaining dance-off where the team...
Day 8 - Into the valley

Day 8 – Into the valley

Into the valley… The journey today from our base in Kigali to Muhanze was even more dramatic than those we undertook on each morning of the first week’s activity here in Rwanda, as the rolling hills became steeper and the vegetation more lush the further we ventured, in Steady Eddie’s love bus. The ride was...
Return of the Mark

Return of the Mark

Following his heroic effort for travelling out to complete 4 days of coaching with the CWB Rwanda team, Mark has returned to England to start his army training. Prior to his next venture in the army, Mark has reflected on his time out in Rwanda with CWB to give us his thoughts on how the...
Day 7

Day 7

Following a post training session curry and few drinks last night, getting up to take the long trek down south to Ruhango early this morning was a little on the slow side. However it appears that for the team the prospect of a coaching session appears to revive the group on the long drive down....
Day 6

Day 6

As the team awoke on what was another stunning Kigali morning, there was a real buzz about returning to the Rwandan Orphans Project for the second time in the week that afternoon. I think that all of us would agree that spending time there embodies what CWB is all about.The boys have very little in terms...
Day 5 - Muhanga on my mind

Day 5 – Muhanga on my mind

    Flown in especially from Entebbe, following a week out with the CWB Uganda team, Lee (Huddersfield’s finest and a CWB veteran) has joined our team. Now our vocabulary this week has been treated to some of Mark’s west-country classics: “ark at eee” (look at that) and “where’s it to” (where is that?) being...
Day 4 - Mushishiro

Day 4 – Mushishiro

Today we headed further south to Mushishiro, about 45km south of Muhanga, an extremely remote village situated on top of a hill for the first of our two day stint here. For our west-country representative, Mark, this was his last day with us before he heads back home following his army call up and there...
Day 3 - Nuns stops play

Day 3 – Nuns stops play

For situations we thought we would have to deal with on the trip, we expected to be cricket coaching around 100 students at any one time. We expected to be asked questions about HIV/AIDs and we expected some experimental culinary exploits when trying out the local Rwandan delicacies (for the record, curried goat appears to...
Day 2 - Down to Muhanga

Day 2 – Down to Muhanga

Our first four days are based in the southern district of Muhanga, starting off today in Muhanga itself, a smallish town situated right at the very top of one of the many hills. After navigating up the long and winding roads to the top, our driver called ‘Steady Eddy’ pulls up to a football pitch,...
CWB Autumn 2012

CWB Autumn 2012

This September volunteers from CWB will be once again travelling to Rwanda to coach and develop cricket with key AIDS awareness messages. You can follow their progress here on this blog.