About Kenya

Kenya is situated on the east coast of Africa, surrounded by Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Somalia and Tanzania, and with the Indian Ocean along Kenya’s eastern coastline.

The population is approximately 39 million. The majority of the inhabitants are Christian while the average life expectancy is 55 years. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya.

Kenya is a beautiful, vibrant country and is famous for its tea plantations, coffee, safari parks, stunning scenery, mountains, volcanos and freshwater lakes. Agriculture remains the base of the Kenyan economy.

There are 38 different tribes in Kenya, the largest being the Maasai Mara. The dominant language is Swahili, but local tribal dialects are also very common. Most Kenyans, particularly the youth, have a good command of English.

Why are CWB in Kenya?

Kenya is one of the world’s poorest nations, with an average earning of £3 per day. There are many slums and orphanages in Kenya, and approx 6.7% of the population have HIV/AIDS.

Cricket Kenya is the governing body for cricket in the country. Kenya plays cricket internationally having both a male and female national team.

The country has featured at every ICC World Cup since 1996, reaching the semi‐finals unexpectedly in 2003. Cricket Without Boundaries is working closely with Cricket Kenya to develop the game, having established programmes in Nakuru, Kericho, Nanyuki, and Muranga.

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