Mevick Mayhem

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So today was another early start heading for our first state school of the trip…and it didn’t disappoint. Our local coach, James, took control and wanted to run the session and did a sterling job. After some high jump, interesting gymnastics and a bit of diving catch practice for the team, (Paul is still yet to take a catch on the tour even with a mattress to break his fall), we were greeted by 200 excited faces! The organised chaos ensued and we finished with all having a great time trying out all the skills of cricket and a cracking post match photo.L1040679

Late morning took us back to Mevick school to see another 100 children and get them involved in some throwing games. It was great to come back so soon as we could see how much they had remembered about cricket and more importantly the HIV/AIDS messages from the day before. As soon as we asked the ABC,T’s they all screamed them back at us which was amazing the hear!!!

In the throwing games I’ll be honest, to begin with the kids had the power but not necessarily the accuracy with throwing. With a bit of practice and help stumps were flying and the yellow team beat the green team 2-1 in a game of crossfire. The green team came storming back to take a 2-0 victory in throwing football. Unfortunately a couple of balls whistled too close to our Paul’s upper lip and it’s set him back 5 days in his Movember challenge. Keep strong brother!


The afternoon saw us to Wisdom school to see our last 70 kids of the day. We met the teacher playing football last night and he was buzzing to see us and had obviously passed that enthusiasm to the L1040694students. As with this morning and yesterday it was a great chance to get our message across in a brand new way to the boys and girls and they took to the HIV/AIDS message and cricket like naturals This was even more incredible with the surroundings. The school grounds were small at best with a few random playground essentials including a swing set and merry-go-round for added carnage. Of course this didn’t stop them having a great time and it was smiles throughout.

The last event saw Lee and myself head to the university ground to coach some of the Cameroon national team. It was good to see the willingness to develop their game and become better cricketers. Lee took them through a few drills and a Q & A after sunset. With a few of them helping us during the day, we know our HIV/AIDS message is at the forefront of their thoughts.

All in all a great 4th day; almost 400 kids coached, and more importantly another 400 that we have spread the awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention through cricket. The best parts of the day were Deborah’s batting/ABC dance and 250 kids chanting A-B-C C-W-B lead by the guys as they went back to class.

Day 4 over and out!

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  1. Sounds like you’re doing some top work out in ‘Roon! Keep it going and stay away from any dodgy horse meat that Victor might offer you!

    Hope you’re all having a blast!

  2. I wont need a prophet to tell me this engangement is that from a heart full of the love to others grow and be happy.the covariance is unity. invite others to come join cuz together the globe will know standard happinest ad harmony.

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