Famous 5 Become Fantastic 4

Famous 5 Become Fantastic 4.

Before leaving our hotel this morning our secret project began so stay tuned for something extra special from Team ‘Roon. Despite it being Saturday we still had coaching to do! Over 60 kids turned up despite it not being a school day! The challenge was on then to reward those children for coming to see us. On a small and gravelly car park we set up our 3 stations and not long after it was the familiar scene of balls going everywhere, wickets being knocked down and most importantly children having fun.


After an hour and a half coaching we left to head to another orphanage. A quick stop at the supermarket so we could pick up a bag of rice, water, milk powder and doughnuts as gifts to those we were visiting in the afternoon. At our first orphanage we sat in a large room with around 35 children. What was explained to us was that at this orphanage that once the children reach a certain age they return to their relatives to continue their lives, but the orphanage always stays in contact and looks to support throughout their lives. The welcome we received was fantastic, some of the children performed 5 dances for us which were all choreographed well. In the midday sun we played with the tennis balls and Rob even managed to show the kids a few card tricks!


After this it was back to the hotel as our super contact had arranged for us to meet with a local nurse, Prudence, who looks after some of the street kids in Yaounde the team then gave out the doughnuts and water we had bought earlier. Then it was to return to the hotel and a time to catch up on blogs. A well-deserved beer was required after the end of busy week. But also the next week in Bamenda would be made more challenging as one of the team was heading home. Ben would be leaving sunny Cameroon to return to England and the cold! After waving Ben off we headed into Yaounde for our final meal in the capital. However with it being Valentine’s there were plenty of couples but our team embraced the “bromance” and had an excellent meal.

Sunday was our travel day to Bamenda, setting off at 9 am we reached our destination at 5:30. Driving on some of the bumpiest roads. Credit does go to our driver Eric who managed to get us there avoiding some serious potholes! Sunday evening we had a meeting with local school teachers to organise our schedule which began looking very scarce however by the end we had been filled.

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  1. Love the latest set of photos-Sam! It looks like you are all having an amazing time and seeking to grab every opportunity going-enjoy the rest of the week!

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