Name: Gavin Reynolds408121_10101048052236945_1614578027_n

Nickname: Rumpus

Age: 35

Bio: I’m Gavin and I will be the project leader for our trip to Uganda this February. I spend most of my time hanging out in local pubs and restaurants around the part of London I love the most; Hackney in East London. This is where I have resided for over 8 years. I first heard of CWB in 2009 during the Ashes series, when I was handed a leaflet at the Oval. I’m a volunteer cricket coach at my local club in Victoria Park, Hackney and work with a wide range of young people to encourage greater participation in Cricket. I hope to be able to inspire the young people we meet in Uganda to use sport as one way of realising their potential in life.

How have you fundraised for the trip? I have fund raised for the trip, by begging all my friends and family, and my girlfriends lovely mates, plus I'm doing a London – Brighton cycle ride in April, pushed back due to cold weather.    

Favourite Food: Thai

Favourite Film: God…how do you whittle it down?! Big Lebowski?

Nickname: Honeymonster

Me plus cigar

Age: 24

Bio: I am currently unemployed scum from Bath who is getting involved in CWB as I both love cricket and wish to weaken any of England's future rivals by passing on my utter direness at it. I once won a Kwik Cricket tournament – I still have the medal – but otherwise don't really have a connection to the game other than tragically, hopelessly watching it. And remembering stats. Lovely, lovely stats.

How have you fundraised for the trip? I am doing a bike ride from Bath to Lord's, which was originally scheduled for next week but due to bad weather and other factors – such as the fact I am as bad at cycling as I am at cricket – it has been put back to the end of March. 

Favourite film: The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is one of the earliest things I remember seeing at cinema, and I remember being terrified, so it's stuck with me. I also genuinely know all the words to all the songs. 

Favourite food: I can eat about as much sushi as you care to shovel at me. I love raw fish.

Name: Graham Gayton


Age: Born post W.G.Grace (only just)

Bio: Retired PE teacher in Perranporth, Cornwall. I've always played and coached from a young age, and as an MCC member I enjoy watching Test matches at Lords.

How have you fundraised for the trip? Through Cricketing friends and family (with the odd bank robbery).

Favourite film: Les Miserables.

Favourite food: Cornish pasty and Ugandan curry.

Pet hate: Youngsters who know more about Cricket than me!



Nickname: Tally


Age: 23

Bio: This will be my first trip with CWB, having first heard about them last year while listening to TMS and being instantly hooked! The opportunity to head to Africa and do even a small bit to help fight the HIV epidemic while introducing people to a game I've taken so much enjoyment from was too good to pass up. I grew up in Derbyshire spending my summers playing cricket before going on to University in York where I got involved in as much sport as I could. I got my first taste of coaching there looking after the college 2nd XI, although as that level was more about socials than skill, I don't know how much use it will be to me in Uganda! I'm currently a trainee accountant for a company based in Woking. I hope to get more involved in coaching in the future once all my exams are finished with, and I feel this trip will help to prepare me for anything!

How you have fundraised for the trip? Through the kind donations of friends of family, with a few cakes to help persuade them!

Favorite Film: Coach Carter

Favorite Food: Chocolate Raisins

Name: Freddie Wilde577069_488121754533127_710310138_n

Nickname: Freddo or Stats

Age: 18

Bio: I live in Hampshire, and I’m currently a gap year student – heading to Cardiff Uni in September! My Dad is a cricket journalist and physically forced me to play cricket from the age of about two weeks – and I surprisingly developed a genuine love for the game! I play regularly for a club and a village side and blog about cricket for All Out Cricket and Cricinfo.

How have I fundraised for the trip? I’ve hosted three fundraising meals and cooked all the food, and I am yet to receive any food poisoning complaints! I’ve also worked close to 700 hours at a local sports shop to raise money for the trip and further travels in my Gap Year! 

Favourite film: Gladiator, perhaps, maybe the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or The Pursuit of Happyness, or State of Play…I don’t know!

Favourite food: It’s a close call between a simple takeaway pizza and a bowl of cheerios – I’ve got classy taste…








Name: Nick Bawden

Nickname: Tigger

Age: 32

Bio: I live in Woolwich, SE London, and I am originally for Guildford. I am a Research Director at Ipsos Healthcare, managing healthcare market research projects for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. I got involved with CWB through two avenues.  I play cricket (for the mighty Grafham & Smithbrook CC) and I enjoy watching and debating about the sport. My day job also introduced me to the field of HIV through working with companies who have develop antiretrovirals to fight the disease.

How you have fundraised for the trip? Charity quiz plus heavy reliance on the generosity of family and friends! (Thank you everyone)

Favorite Film: Zoolander. I bowl a mean eugoogly.

Favorite Food: Sashimi, smoked salmon, ceviche – basically raw fish in any form.

 IMG_0692 - CopyName: Dave Jepson 

Nickname: Jeppo or Stonewall

Age: 48

Bio: I live in Derby. I am an accountant by trade but also dabble in some freelance journalism as a cricket commentator for the BBC. I have played and coached cricket for too many years to remember. Getting involved with CWB is an opportunity to bring the game to those who might otherwise not have the chance, to spread the AIDS protection message and also travel to exotic places.  

How you have fundraised for the trip? Generally through friends and contacts with a little help from the BBC

Favorite Film: Tom and Jerry's 'The Cat Concerto'. If you've never seen it, youtube it…brilliant.

Favorite Food: Pork scratchings washed down with a pint of real ale. A good wholesome Derbyshire diet.
















Name: Grant

Nickname: Stumpy or Stumps

Age: Old but not ancient

Bio: I live in Weymouth but am a Cornishman by birth and have played cricket ( some would say tried to) since I could walk.

I coach at my club Portland Red Triangle and coach the District Squads ,I am at present working towards my E.C.B Level 3

I was inspired to become a CWB Volunteer simply by stumbling  across the CWB Website by chance and reading about the outstanding work CWB has and will continue to do.

How have you fundraised for the trip? Fundraising has been fun with events a diverse as a 24 hour Cricketathon, sponsored wearing long trousers for a week and a Cricket Themed Quiz and Tea.

Favourite film: The Blues Brothers

Favourite food: Daft question – the humble Cornish Pasty of Course.