The recent event featured 7 mixed senior teams of ages ranging from 11-19. The festival was a round robin competition with each team playing at least 6 games. In line with the ethos of our supporters it was ‘Cricket Without Boundaries’ meaning lots and lots of running.

We had 3 visiting teams from outside South-Zone these came from areas that I have been coaching before and it would be ideal to these areas in our programme going forward to realise our development dream and to ensure that no the talent will be lost. We also had a supportive role from our former mens national team assistant coach Peter Ongondo and the national women’s captain Margaret Banja alongside other former Kenya players.

It was a great inspirational event in the community, it was also really nice to see some parents attend the event and offer their support. We want to make it an all inclusive project that the entire community can fully engage with. The dream is to build a long lasting impression that will exist in many days to come.

The event as proposed by the elders who attended is to take place thrice a year…During the major school holidays in April/August/December.


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