Meet the team

Brad Milne

Hi, I’m Brad a level 5 student from Leeds Trinity University studying Secondary School Physical Education and Sports Coaching – originally from Grimsby.  When the opportunity to coach Cricket in Africa became available to too students at the university, it instantly appealed to myself. Being able to share my passion of sport too others is something that I’ve always strived to do and having the chance to do that further afield in Rwanda was a prospect not to be missed. My main background in sport is within Football and more specifically officiating however at some point most sports have been attempted… Usually poorly! I hope to bring a degree of Cricket experience, enthusiasm and laughter too the team throughout my time in Rwanda and I am also very keen to see what other skills I can bring to the table when poised within an indifferent life experience.  I hope the trip as a whole will assist me in my future aspirations of becoming a PE Teacher, naturally the coaching is directly appropriate too this but working as a team with the rest of the volunteers and dealing with a wide range of situations and abilities will also assist me too achieve these ambitions. Being in a situation that is completely different to anything else I’ve ever experienced is what really excites me about the trip but more importantly being able to share my passion about sport and knowledge of HIV/AIDS too the locals is my underpinning motive behind the trip.

Jamie Robinson

Hi, I’m Jamie, a level 5 student studying at Leeds Trinity University, also undertaking Secondary Physical education and sports coaching. I’m 20 years old and originally from Wakefield. My sporting background is mainly rugby league and I have ventured into a wide range of sports including cricket and football beforehand. The main reason I’ve volunteered for the trip because it was simply too good of an opportunity to turn down, the experience being a different country and culture can only enhance my skills as a future PE teacher, hopefully! Another reason for wanting to take on the trip is to complete a passion of traveling around the world. And hopefully Africa and Rwanda is the first of many places. What can I bring to the team? Lots of enthusiasm and fun! I’m a very confident person and hopefully this is show throughout the time I’m in Rwanda. Also, by having a large sporting background, this can provide the team with many different coaching drills and styles to help benefit the children. What am I looking forward? The experience in being in a different culture is the main reason to be honest, it will give me a different perspective to life back in the UK after being in the country for 18 days!

James Massheder

Hi, I’m James a level 5 student from Leeds Trinity University studying Primary Physical Education alongside sports coaching. I am a proud supporter of Bradford City and play cricket for Yeadon CC in the Bradford cricket league. The opportunity to coach in Rwanda became available as part of the volunteering module. Instantly this appealed to me as I am very passionate about all sports and this opportunity in Rwanda will allow me to share my passion with others. I am a motivated and extremely hard working individual who enjoys coaching and teaching new skills whilst delivering important health messages to individuals. This experience of coaching within Rwanda will benefit my future coaching and teaching career, this will develop my coaching skills and teach me how to adapt to different situations and environments. I’m really looking forward to the trip as a whole, spending time with different people in Africa. I’ve spent many hours playing cricket a sport I really enjoy, I have made many friends playing as part of a team and I want to share the sport with others who may not have had as many opportunities as myself.

Mollie Fitzgerald

Hi I’m Mollie originally From Ipswich but I am currently studying at Leeds Trinity University.

I have volunteered because I wanted to do an alternative placement that would give me different learning experiences. I have done a lot of coaching and am excited to improve my cricket coaching skills as opposed to netball or basketball! And of course it is a great opportunity for me to travel!

Really looking forward to going to Africa for the first time!! And to coach lots of different children and people in a different environment that is completely out of my comfort zone, I can’t wait to meet everyone and hear their stories.

I won’t bring great skills in cricket but will always be enthusiastic and loud! and I will always be smiling!!!

I am currently studying to be a PE teacher so this is a great opportunity to expand my skills and improve my coaching experience, it is something that will help me be a better teacher and coach! It is also a once in a life time opportunity that I couldn’t turn down! I am excited to make a difference to the children’s lives, it’s a great opportunity to spread awareness of important health messages and of course make sure everyone’s having fun whilst playing cricket!

Big thank you to Grandma and Grandad Rose for supplying lots of tennis balls from Holbrook tennis club! To Shotley Primary school, and Yeadon Westfield Junior School and Beth Cook at the Yorkshire cricket foundation for your kind donations in cricket equipment!!

Becky Hewson

Hi I’m Becky. I’m currently in my second year at Leeds Trinity university studying secondary physical education and sports coaching.

I’m volunteering as I have a keen interest in coaching sports and wanted to coach in a different environment where I will face new challenges.

I choose to volunteer with Cricket Without Boundaries as part of one of my modules on my university degree course.

This is the first time I will be travelling to Rwanda and I am very excited to learn about their culture and more about cricket as well as coaching it and teaching the children.

I have lots of energy and enthusiasm which I will share with the team and the children. I have experience in coaching multi-sports however I believe I will be able to easily adapt to coaching cricket and make sure everyone is having a great time.

In the run up to the trip I have carried out lots of fundraising and would like to say a special thankyou to Crompton Cricket Club, Greenfield Cricket Club (Liz) and Crompton house school (Mr Deane & Mrs Brown) for their kind donations of cricket equipment and Ryder and Dutton for their donations to the fundraising.

Nina Fryer

Hi, I’m Nina Fryer, one of the Lecturers at Leeds Trinity University. I’m going with the team to Rwanda as mentor for the students. My background is in public health, and I’m very excited to be part of this project with Cricket Without Boundaries. Nearly 15 years ago I became interested in health development in developing countries whilst studying for my masters in public health and I’m delighted to be part of a team and organisation that are putting these principles into action. I’ve travelled in parts of Africa before, but this is my first volunteering visit.

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  1. Rosie Fitzgerald
    May 23, 2017

    Good luck girls!!

    Very proud sister. Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Will be thinking of you. Lots of love

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