Hold the A, Look at the B, Kick the C – Day 4

Our first stop in Kenya was Murang’a,
Three days, eight schools and 2000 children later,
At every visit so far we’ve done the Conga!

Massive smiles, waves and high fives greet us at each gate,
Through catching, throwing, batting, bowling the children rotate,
ABC-CWB are the letters they chant and dance to as they go round,
Learning a very important message for life, as they leap and bound!

Our IceMan’s awesome driving skills have been put to the test,
His ability to navigate through the tiniest entrances, way above the rest!
Gary’s amazing Spotify playlist has become the highlight of our rides,
A time to chill and eat bananas as the bus rattles along the road and side to side!

We travel on to Kericho after one more school tomorrow morning,
The next pin on the African map as the Kenya 2016 crew continues touring.
More schools and the HIV ABC message delivered to more children through cricket,
Really is worth so much more than just a wicket!

Tonight we go back to the Blue Post for dinner,
Food for champions to ensure tomorrow is a winner!
We say goodbye to Golden Palm but take our new friends with us,
Nicholas, Benjamin, Matthias and Daniel, inspiring coaches with the minimum of fuss!

Let’s finish off with you chanting along to our favourite song:

Hold the A… HOLD THE A
Look at the B… LOOK AT THE B
Kick the C… KICK THE C

(Feel free to create your own moves, or if you ask nicely Nicholas might go on video singing and dancing!)

By Khush


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  1. Carl
    October 4, 2016

    Get him on video – The World needs to see it!!!

    • Team Kenya
      Team Kenya
      November 1, 2016

      Haha – we have. He will be a Youtube sensation soon…


  2. Papabear (Leigh)
    October 4, 2016

    You’ll love Kericho. Tea Tree Hotel is great. Say hi to Dave (he’s one of the local monkeys-top lad, likes mango, bananas, bread and custard cream biscuits) from me and Sam

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