There is not long to go before Team Uganda 2’s adventure begins. It was a real pleasure to meet the rest of the team at the training weekend and it was pleasing to come away with my 100% winning record with CWB intact. It must be noted the team achieved this despite me being the weakest link. Long may this trend continue.

The group of volunteers is a real mix of characters and I’m looking forward to sharing the trip with them. As I’ve done on previous blogs I thought it was right to give my take on the group, which may well be updated on our return!

Alan Cook – Tutor and experienced head


Alan has previously tutored for CWB in Kenya so will be invaluable in Uganda. He currently physios for a couple of high level football teams too which is great news for my failing body. I’m thinking back to Vas’ shoulder massages in Kenya 2011! The last “experienced head” that I went on a trip with was Uncle Jeremy Knott, so Alan has a lot to live up to.

John McDougall – The wily opening bat


John is an experienced coach and player, claiming to have smashed Alan Mullaley all over the park in his youth. I can sense John is going to bring a lot of fun and enthusiasm to the group, probably at my expense. John is currently a team leader in a call centre which should be good preparation for dealing with the unexpected in Africa. Has a similar laid back attitude to mine so gets a big tick for this.

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Kristy Shaw – The actress


Kristy has thankfully forgiven me for initially calling her Kirsty and given me a second chance. Lets all move on. Kristy has travelled to Africa before and is about to star in the West End. I believe this will stand her in great stead for dancing and chanting with CWB and I’ve already earmarked her for keeping the boys under control.

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Neville Smallwood – The Cricket Lover

Much to my envy Neville lives the dream as a professional cricket scorer. I’m afraid he may get pretty tired of my constant questions about stats and the likes. Maybe if he really wants to test his skills he can run a book on numbers of kids likely to turn up and at what time. Showed some dry wit at the training weekend and will bring a calm head to the trip. I’ve also recently discovered he decided to swim 5,000m as part of his fundraising efforts having no real background in the sport. Top marks for effort!

Michael Brown – The traveller


Michael has an interesting background of support work to bring to the CWB party. This will be useful for dealing with the unknown within Africa and for managing the group. Michael is well travelled and laid back so will prove to be an ideal volunteer. He is also a difficult man to find out much information about other than to say he and Sarah have done a whole host of different things for fundraising such as curry nights and race nights. I will do my best to get some more information out of him throughout the trip.

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Sarah Brown – The quiet one (one to watch)

Summer 2010 133

As suggested by the title Sarah was quiet at the training weekend but in hindsight she was probably trying to suss out how on earth I came to be project lead! On closer inspection Sarah is well travelled and has visited several countries in Africa. She will bring good experience, good coaching and hopefully return with a new love of cricket. Sarah is also training to become a lawyer so I better watch what I say and do!

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Theresa Dzendrowskyj – The bubbly one


Theresa was the original project leader until I gate crashed the party. She brings huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm to the project and her coaching session at the training weekend had me in stitches. Having researched her LinkedIn profile Theresa is described as “A resourceful self-starter, entrepreneurial thinker and change agent who combines strategic vision with pragmatic and innovative delivery capabilities. Inspirational leader and outstanding international relationship builder, able to influence others and be effective in a dynamic, results-driven organisation”. I’m surprised they gave the gig to me after reading this!

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Holly Colvin – The CWB Ambassador (TBB)


Holly is a late addition to the team having only come onboard two weeks before our departure. She will be our resident celebrity and steal all of the limelight from me by continuing her award winning blogs. Holly has experience of Kenya with CWB and more importantly of my management style. I’m expecting a large volume of Colvination in Uganda to inspire the locals and volunteers.

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I’d also like to give a very special welcome to CWB’s new head of Cricket Development, AJ Sharma who will be joining us for the first week of the trip before heading to Rwanda. He really announced himself to the charity at the training weekend and I’m particularly looking forward to being given this first chance to get some early schmoozing in with the boss.

Jamie Burton- Team Leader (Week One before a premature departure)


I personally can’t wait to get to Uganda and see another African country. It will be interesting to compare and contrast to Kenya both in terms of the culture and the influence of cricket. I’m looking forward to making new friends and hopefully making the massive difference that every other CWB trip has done before us.

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