Meet Team Botswana!

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Meet Team Botswana!



– I live in Clapham Junction, and have been in London for about 5 years, although I originate from Yorkshire. I’m 26 years old, and I work in Retail Management, but also play and coach lots of cricket. Last season I coached for two teams, and played for five. My main team is Turnham Green and Polytechnic CC. I also became a member of Middlesex this year, as I love to watch when I get time. Needless to say cricket is a passion of mine!

I went on my first trip to Botswana with CWB last year, and felt so privileged to have been part of such a great charity. I’m glad to be going back, and am really looking forward to see the progress since last year, and continue the great work that CWB do!



– I am from Newick in East Sussex and have been a keen cricketer for my local club for over 10 years. Aged 20, I also coach the juniors at the club which is a passion of mine and something I love doing! I am lucky enough to be going on my third trip out to Botswana this year having joined the charity in 2012. I have loved every moment of both of my trips so far and enjoy putting smiles on every one of the faces I come in to contact with out there! I am thoroughly looking forward to getting out there once more to hopefully do the same again!



– Hi, I’m Cal. I’m 24, I wear glasses and I also have type 1 diabetes. Botswana will be my first involvement with CWB but I’m already excited for what should be a rewarding and extremely worthwhile trip. I’ve been involved with the world of cricket since 2010 when I joined Opta Sports as a cricket analyst, and I am still working there as a ‘Cricket Executive’, a job which I love every second of. I am a hopeless cricketer but love to get the whites on nonetheless, something which attracted me to the charity. I also play hockey whenever I can squeeze a game in. I have also been spotted on two quiz shows, ‘The Chase’ and ‘Two Tribes’.



– At 21 years old, being a keen cricketer and staring into unemployment as a recent graduate, it was a easy decision to get involved on my first CWB trip! Although I am probably a far better player than coach i’m hoping not to let my enthusiasm be dampened but get stuck in at every opportunity and be learning the culture (and coaching) all the time. Outside of cricket (which does engulf a majority of my life) I like to play golf, rugby, tennis and most other sports but i’m a particularly avid Newcastle United fan. I can’t wait to use my love for cricket to make a difference on a greater scale in Botswana and hopefully create plenty of smiles along the way! Now, after a 7 month process, I just want to get started!



– I have 4 children (24, 21, 17, 12), 3 of whom play cricket regularly so  have spent many many hours watching from the boundary. ( No. 2 son Jethro is also coming on the trip.) Four years ago I decided to start helping coach the girls at Ansty CC so I did my ECB level 1. We have a thriving and successful girls club and since the formation of our ladies team last season I have also been seen on the pitch too ( usually not for long though). For 3 years I lived , worked & traveled in Zambia, S.A. and other southern African countries, I am very excited to be able to return and visit Botswana with CWB to join in with  their vision of fun and education whilst being privileged to experience all the wonderful and varied sounds sights and smells of Africa – it has a powerful lifelong hold.



– I’m 45 and live in Cirencester in the beautiful Cotswolds. I have worked in the leisure industry for the past 20 years and currently manage a Leisure Centre in Swindon. I’m originally from Rotherham in Yorkshire and have played cricket for many years. I play for a team called Birdlip & Brimpsfield near Cheltenham and have coached the youth for the last 5 years. A keen sports fan, I play golf and follow most sports. Football team….there’s only one team really…Sheffield Wednesday…a big club…I was there when we won the cup in 91. Im a keen dancer and dance Ceroc on a regular basis.
What a fantastic opportunity this trip will be. I am really looking forward to being part of Team Botswana and hopefully making a difference.


Graham is our level 3 ECB qualified coach and has the role of Tutor on this trip.


Chris CWB

– I live in Cockermouth, West Cumbria, I’m 58 and have been coaching and running our junior section for over 20 years now and am back where I started with the beginners (age 7 to 11) having done all ages. I’m married with two grown up lads – living and working in Sheffield and Malta respectively – and although my wife Maggie thinks I’m barmy, I’m really looking forward to going out to Africa and see if my experience can be put to good use.