Keeping the blog up and working in Fort Portal has been a bit of a challenge. However, hunting around for a good internet connection while the guys go about their coaching has had its benefits. I didn’t think I would like getting lifts on the Buda Budas (free-form motorbike taxis – no helmets … fits up to 4 and a driver!) – but I have.

Arrival a the tournament was a little late for me – but you can see the view from the pillion that greeted me. Lots of children – playing and spectating.

The final tournament had 6 schools partaking. The girls from Nyakasura Primary School – under the expert leadership of Ken – certainly knew how to celebrate.

Fitting so many matches on to a field does give us some challenges. You can see from the pictures that children couldn’t resist hitting the ball behind them in to the undergrowth. No balls were lost – small search parties dived in and were back out before too many runs were scored.

Here are some more pictures of the final day’s play.

Our local coach, Yusuf, has not writen a blog during out time on the project – but recorded a small thank you note to CWB.

Yusuf has been inspiring – and extremely popular with the teenagers.


Our trip to Uganda has been punctuated with an amazing mix of experiences (away from the cricket) , Our final day at the ground saw the arrival of 11 strong men clad in orange boiler suits and hard hats. Have a watch of the video of their team working together to move logs – they’re nearly as impressive as CWB’s Uganda Spring 2012 Team!!