Day 3 of coaching arrives with us all filled with anticipation BUT the ‘Belvoir Bees’ coaches et al arrived to be met with not only the super keen kids already there but several ‘real’ bees flying around from a nest that had been disturbed, but luckily Claire was on hand to apply the bite cream.

Nearly 200 children from 6 schools turned up and batting was order of the day which the children were extremely enthusiastic about. We had brought out 10 red kwick cricket bats that had been supplied by Redmile Primary School for us to use and then leave with schools. The children’s faces said it all, you could tell from their reaction they were so grateful to receive this gift from children in a school from England.

It was thirsty work and my group from Makasa Army Primary School brought their drinks in large water carrier which arrived on a bike and each child had a small plastic bag which they drank from. ‘A different world’!!

In the afternoon we had 4 secondary schools bringing 120 children. The team welcomed back Darren who joined us after a bout of the ‘dicky tummy syndrome’, it was great to have him back.

Talk about competitive, all the children seem to be desperate to win and come up with some ingenious ways of coming out on top.

The smiles on all their faces is an absolute joy to see, their enthusiasm, passion, enjoyment and natural ability is amazing.
Best day so far but it just keeps getting better and better.

Part of our role here is not only to coach cricket but to spread the word of ‘Aids Awareness’ with the use of the A, B, C’s (Abstain, Be Faithful, Condom / protection). Quote of the day came from a group Claire was working with when asking what the ABC’s stand for a child said “Airway, Breathing and Circulation” sounds like someone has had some first-aid training!!!!

The morning session was completed with a “Mexican Wave” from all the primary school children