The team have got in to action at Masaka Secondary School. First off, we met the head teacher – Hajii Mpungu Musoke Musa – who told us that the school has 3,500 pupils and around 180 teachers (with 100 teaching assistants). He was a Manchester United supporter – so the discussion lurched in to football. It was interesting seeing Neil and Darren sat at the headmasters desk (like the old days)

The team coached 17 local teachers and coaches. The CWB training gives the basics of cricket plus some advice on delivering an HIV/AIDS message. The group were enthusiastic. Darren said “I can’t believe how friendly everyone is”. While Neil talked about how amazed he was at the incredible natural talent. Claire singled out Maria as a “Fearless thrower and catcher” (it’s easy to see who Maria is on the pictures).

And we put in to action the Red Kwik Cricket bats in to action that were kindly donated by the children from Redmile School.

Simon headed off to do an interview at local radio station – Radio Buddu.

When coaching session finished for the day – some local young cricketers arrived. The team got off the coach and helps specialist bowlers and batsmen (along with enthusiastic small locals!). Some of the bowling was spectacular “I’ve never heard a tennis ball ‘whistle’ before”. Jo was particularly taken with the girl called Ramathan “with the best ‘game’ face – so serious and concentrating on catching.”

Ken summed the day up (we finally learned his age when the headmaster asked it – he’s a young 74). Ken said “Life just does not get better than this.”