Sleepless in Masaka

11.30am local time…. It’s been a long journey down here but think of all that team bonding we’ve been doing!

So after the flight to Istanbul, then down to to Entebbe, via Kigali, we touched down at 4am (ish) local time. We were greeted by our local talent – Manny and Joseph, who will be with us throughout our trip. The early start meant that the airport and roads were very quiet, but also that I couldn’t see much of the scenery as we made our way to the Ugandan cricket headquarters to collect the t-shirts which we will give to the teachers who we will be training. Again I couldn’t see much as we were still in darkness!

On the journey from Entebbe most of us slept! And when I woke we were in Masaka – quick bank and water stop and on to the hotel. Hotel Brovad is ace – I guess they are being kind to us on. We drew  cards for room shares and have just nicely settled in and showered. Just enough time for lunch before our first coaching session starts.

So post lunch, day 1 with energy levels flagging we embarked on our first coaching session. I was nervous, but in pairs we ran 4 skills session stations, coaching over 130 young people in total. Great to see the seasoned CWBers in action and learn from their delivery.

And then an impromptu opportunity to coach at another school, Hill Road Public school, with younger children came along so we seized and coached Another 50+ children.

Amazed at the responses from all the young people, who embraced the cricket, but more importantly were able to relate it to the A B C T messages that we also deliver.

Another freshen up before dinner and then perhaps a chance for some shut eye..?

Is everybody happy? Yes? Awooga 🇺🇬🏏👌🏾💯☀️👊🏾😊


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