Singing, dancing and a little bit of cricket!

Having a dusty start to the day as we stayed up to teach Eric ring of fire last night, we left for the first school at half 8. We arrived at the catholic school to a crowd of children running out of their classrooms.
The CWB team quickly organised 4 stations and gave Eric babysitting duties with the younger group of children.  Becky had great fun trying to teach the 5 year olds to bowl, which was more amusing than successful whilst Mollie and Jamie had a singing and dancing circle (with a little bit of catching skills) around the corner. Mollie was lucky enough to be invited into the Reception/Year 1 classroom and had great fun looking at the children’s pictures and writing!
After an hours break we were back at the Catholic school coaching the secondary students, which included a competitive game of rapid fire and James and Brad incorporating lots of health messages into their bowling practice with the help of lots of post it notes covering wickets, the children were able to identify how to stay healthy and were knocking down wickets that had HIV myths stuck on them (great idea James)! The team was pleasantly surprised how knowledgeable the children were about the use of condoms even though it is rarely spoken about in their school!
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The final stop was back to Gatagara where we coached yesterday. Team CWB were thrilled to join team ‘shorts’ and ‘trousers’ in a fast, hot and competitive game of hand hockey (similar to netball so Mollie and Becky were in their element) a solid and impressive effort from Lee who played the first 5 minutes before retiring to the subs bench, smart move considering the heat! After this energetic warm up the teams decided they were ready for a big game of pairs cricket, whilst Moll and Beck had an expert lesson in bowling from Eric (the pro) the teams were ready. With some impressive catching skills from the girls and some massive hits from the first few batsman (winning score 21) the game was well underway. Team CWB had some interesting conversations about how to prevent HIV and how to maintain a healthy life, these answers were written onto bats and wickets and used for the remainder of the game.
A successful day of health messages, cricket and lots of laughs! Now off for dinner and a well deserved beverage for team CWB (wildcats) and ready to go again tomorrow!