CWB Autumn 2012

CWB Autumn 2012

This September volunteers from CWB will be once again travelling to Rwanda to coach and develop cricket with key AIDS awareness messages. You can follow their progress here on this blog.
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CWB Trustee - Ed's Final Thoughts

CWB Trustee – Ed’s Final Thoughts

I didn't know what to quite expect joining the Rwanda team halfway through their trip. I had flown out at the last minute in order, along with Lee Booth, to ensure that BBC crew that was going to cover the project had something truly special to film, as well as giving the co-founder and trustee...
Project Leader - Ferg's Final Thoughts

Project Leader – Ferg’s Final Thoughts

Ok, I thought this would be easy. After a memorable couple of weeks, and as someone who is rarely lost for words, surely writing a few more to summarise our time in Rwanda would be a doddle and would just roll off onto the page? However, as I sit on the plane home for the final...
Day 14 - The Final Hurrah

Day 14 – The Final Hurrah

Following our previous day's exploits at Club Rafiki, which continued well into evening when having practiced our moves during the day we decided to continue it in a questionable reputable nightclub in Kigali, we woke up a little stiff and rather tired from all the exercise. As an excuse cricket coaching works certain muscles, throwing...
Day 13 - Cricket Festival and a Dancehall Cricket Coaching Session

Day 13 – Cricket Festival and a Dancehall Cricket Coaching Session

As, in theory, yesterday at Kabusunzu should have been our final coaching session – keep reading it was not – today saw us ending our official trip with a Kwik-Cricket festival and T20 match at the Kicukiro Oval. We again had the BBC in attendance filming the match, and also the ICC who were out...
Day 12 - A day in the life

Day 12 – A day in the life

Following our successful afternoon yesterday with Kagarama Secondary School, the BBC saw a coaching session which would resemble a coaching session in the UK; a large flat playing field, a cricket square and around 70 kids to coach. This morning the BBC saw what is more akin to a usual CWB session at Kabusunzu Primary...
Day 11

Day 11

As we draw to the close of play on our trip, we are given a timely reminder of home, as for the next three days we are joined by the BBC, who are out making a documentary on CWB. Whilst we are waiting for Aunty Beeb to land, for the morning session we are joined...
Day 10 - Here come the girls

Day 10 – Here come the girls

Of the groups we have coached over the past 10 days around the country, we have always coached to a mixture of girls and boys. You only have to look at the profile page of the team members on this CWB trip to know that there are members of the team, whose involvement in cricket...
Day 9 - There is a Green Hill

Day 9 – There is a Green Hill

After a successful first week, Ange had worked out that we have coached cricket and spoken  to 728 children about HIV/AIDs, we headed out to a local bar for beers, pizza, and el classico, before some us went to throw some shapes at the local nightclub ‘Planet’. Following a rather entertaining dance-off where the team...
Day 8 - Into the valley

Day 8 – Into the valley

Into the valley… The journey today from our base in Kigali to Muhanze was even more dramatic than those we undertook on each morning of the first week’s activity here in Rwanda, as the rolling hills became steeper and the vegetation more lush the further we ventured, in Steady Eddie’s love bus. The ride was...
Return of the Mark

Return of the Mark

Following his heroic effort for travelling out to complete 4 days of coaching with the CWB Rwanda team, Mark has returned to England to start his army training. Prior to his next venture in the army, Mark has reflected on his time out in Rwanda with CWB to give us his thoughts on how the...
Day 7

Day 7

Following a post training session curry and few drinks last night, getting up to take the long trek down south to Ruhango early this morning was a little on the slow side. However it appears that for the team the prospect of a coaching session appears to revive the group on the long drive down....
Day 6

Day 6

As the team awoke on what was another stunning Kigali morning, there was a real buzz about returning to the Rwandan Orphans Project for the second time in the week that afternoon. I think that all of us would agree that spending time there embodies what CWB is all about.The boys have very little in terms...