Having been assigned a full day off by the Rwandan Cricket Association we decided to contact the orphanage at Pefa to see if we could at least get some coaching done. They were very accommodating as usual and allowed us in with no problem at very short notice.

A great 2 hour session took place in the morning and as ever the children were fantastic fun and it is a humling and rewarding experience to work with children who have so little but still are full of fun and energy. It is the third CWB trip in a row to visit the orphanage a trend I hope conitnues.

In the afternoon we travelled East to the picturesque Lake Muhazi, this area was on the itinerary for a coaching visit but as with Butare the college is currently on holiday so we decided to explore the area ourselves. The countryside flattens out in the East but is no less beautiful and the lake itself was a picture. A few of the more harder took the opportunity for a swim while the rest of us lounged under the trees.

Our frolicking was finished just in time as a massive rainstorm hit the area just as we were lunching under cover. This was a sight in itself as the a rain was so intense that it was difficult to continue a conversation the noise of the rain being so loud.

It was then back to the apartments where half the team called it a night and a few nipped next door for a pizza, we are nursing a few poorly stomachs and other illnesses so hopefully the early night will see us back fighting fit as a team for the serious business of coaching back in schools from tomorrow.

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