Once again, after last nights typical Rwandan meal of pizza and beers we were up fairly early the next day. I had just about managed to get over the previous nights salt incident, somehow managing to empty the whole contents onto my chips that I waited for so patiently. This morning we stayed in Kigali at the Oval cricket ground coaching children from the local school. We had no idea how many school children would turn up or what to expect but we got on with setting up stations of warm ups, batting, bowling and catching. It was a scorcher of a morning, so we creamed up, took water on board and awaited the hoard of children.

Eventually, roughly 100 children, both primary and secondary; ventured over onto the clay dust bowl that we had been provided with, which sat in stark contrast to an outrageously decent football pitch. Not to be bitter about our location, the session got under way with great enthusiasm with a relay warm up that was run delightfully by Rich. Next the children moved onto the three stations, practising their skills, before finishing with four quick cricket games. The enjoyment was clear to see on all the children’s faces and the coaches all commented on what had been a fantastic morning. Highlight of the session; a young Rwandan school boy hitting what can only be described as the most sensational cover drive ever witnessed. Unbelievable tekkers from the lad, and luckily with video evidence of that incredible moment A huge thanks is also in order for Jack and Tim’s contribution to the morning who went to ”sort a gorilla trip out” only to come back as the session ended with an outlandish story about being fed delicatessens from the Minister of youth, culture and sport of Rwanda Later they admitted they hadn’t even met this big dog and had spent most of the morning sat travelling in our roomy mystery machine (transport). Outrageous behaviour from the pair of them, we all agreed!

After a hard mornings work, yes Jack and Tim, we stopped off at a buffet, to mine and big man scavenger, Dave Terraces delight. Its like feeding time at the zoo with this boy at times! After polishing off a bit of goat for lunch we then headed to the Rwandan genocide memorial, which became a then sobering afternoon from the mornings lively antics. Having personally not been fully aware of the atrocities it quickly dawned on me and the rest of us who went what we were about to let ourselves in for. It is barely believable what took place in this country and the memorial gives an incredible interesting account of Rwandan life of an entire population who have all been so dramatically affected. It spoke a thousand words that once inside, not one of us barely talked. A highly recommendable visit, which leaves a profound impression on you.

It was then back to the apartments for a quick mutzig beer which we have come to love; and on to the car wash bar for a further taste of Rwandan goat arm! After a rather exhilarating bike ride (or shall I say race), down to the car wash bar, with numerous interesting incidents; things escalated slightly with a bottle of Ugandan Gin being bought, after our project leader lee had raved so passionately about it. Rich unfortunately deposited his gin in a nearby bush, to the groups disgust but spirits remained high after a fabulous game of killer pool. We then moved onto the nightclub Planet, where the less said about the night and particularly the dancing; the better, even if Shakira, ‘This is for Africa’ does come on Mr Terrace. I’m sure there will be many more interesting evenings in store and we are all thoroughly looking forward to tomorrows coaching even with the taste of Ugandan gin lingering in our mouths! – David Chew
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