Day 8 – Safari and travel

Ahead of our journey to Kisumu the team was up early to visit the Nakuru National Park – a rhino sanctuary right on the edge of town.

The sunrise start was not appreciated by everyone, but this was made bearable by the fabulous packed breakfast that the hotel had provided for us.

It made a nice change from dusty pitches and screaming children and right from the start of our safari there was the chance to stare into the distance and begin to reflect on what has happened over the previous week. From coping with sessions filled with twice as many children as expected, to learning how to keep your hair from being pulled out of your head – it’s been a whirlwind of new experiences.

The team has kept each other going with returning volunteers supporting new ones, new volunteers bringing some extra energy and local ambassadors reassuring us that everything will work out.

A change is as good as a break and despite the early start, once we’d spotted our first baboons, seen some hyenas running into the distance and come up close to a white rhino, the noise of a primary school chanting their ABCs could fade a little. We were reminded that there is more to Kenya than dusty playing fields and that the friendliness of the people we’ve met so far is reflected in the beauty of nature.

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