Day 7 – Coach Education

Today was Coach Education Day. We were expecting around 30 local teachers, head teachers and members of the community to come to learn how to coach their children. In typical Kenyan fashion the 9am start soon became a 10:30am start! 25 people spent 6 hours learning games, songs to help children remember the coaching points and also the ‘how to coach’ skills of Organising, explaining, making it fun and safe, demonstrating and observing. The enthusiasm and willingness of the teachers to learn in order to provide their children with new games/skills was infectious.

By the end of the day all had passed with an ICC Introductory Certificate, Level 1 or Level 2 qualification. We have been able to reach 1500 children this week but by training the teachers in how to coach and also the ABC messages they have the ability to reach tens of thousands. The teachers stayed around long after the course chatting to us and asking us questions not only to find out more about us but what else we could tell them in order to help them. These teachers go far above and beyond in trying to provide their children with more opportunities, a truly inspiring group of people.


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