About Cameroon

Cameroon_map-281x300Cameroon is located on the west coast of Africa, running from north to south from the Sahara Desert to the Atlantic Ocean. Cameroon borders the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria, Chad, the Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Cameroon is often described as ‘Africa in Miniature’ as it encompasses such a diverse mixture of African culture, people and landscapes.

Cameroon has a population estimated at around 20 million and an annual growth rate of about 2.8%. Cameroon is undergoing a demographic transition and about 50% of the population now lives in urban areas. The capital Yaoundé is home to approx 2.5 million and is the second largest city behind Douala, the port city on the west coast. There are 24 major African language groups in Cameroon with English and French being the official languages. Cameroon does well compared with its neighbours as far as education goes. It is compulsory between the ages of 6-14 with attendance at more than 70%. Literacy rates are around 63%.

Cricket is run by the Cameroon Cricket Federation and is based in the capital, Yaoundé. Cameroon Cricket Federation is a fairly young governing body, having been set up by Victor Agbor-Nso in 2005. Cameroon became an affiliate member of the ICC in 2007. The Federation has a growing ‘Cricket At School’ programme along with a development programme which includes organising Inter-school Cricket Tournaments, Coaching Courses, Cricket Festivals, Street Children Cricket Outreach Programmes, Cricket development Courses and Domestic Cricket Competitions.

Why are CWB in Cameroon?

HIV and AIDS has had a devastating impact in Cameroon, based on a Demographic Health Survey carried out in 2004, the national HIV prevalence is estimated at 5.5% with women and youths being predominantly infected. (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2008)

In Cameroon the saying “if you are not infected by HIV/AIDS, you are affected by it” shows the commitment towards educating communities through awareness messages. CWB in partnership with the Cameroon Cricket Federation will play a key role in delivering HIV/Aids awareness messages through Cricket to hundreds of children, young people and teachers in Yaoundé and Buea during the first project in November 2012. The long term plan with Cameroon Cricket Federation is to support their ‘Cricket At School/ Le Cricket à L’école’ programme to champion the growth of Cricket in Cameroon at the same time of delivering key HIV and Aids awareness messages.