CWB Autumn 2012

CWB Autumn 2012

This November volunteers from CWB will be travelling for the first time to Cameroon to coach and develop cricket with key AIDS awareness messages. You can follow their progress here on this blog. You can also follow updates on Twitter! Follow @CWBAfrica Follow @Fozzi12
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Day 12 - A divine day

Day 12 – A divine day

Normal service resumed today as an 8am start requested an early get up unlike the last 3 days. We headed to GHS Bokwango for a 2 hour session and found ourselves with a long, thin and hilly playing area to use. Not a problem, as the team had witnessed and dealt with much harder situations,...
Day 11 - The Mist

Day 11 – The Mist

  Our first complete day of coaching in Buea started at the local high school where we had conducted the Coach Education on Saturday. The field was spectacular with green fields surrounding and Mount Cameroon in the background (the fact that it was not really flat was not an issue!). What a view! We coached...
Day 10 - A Rest Day

Day 10 – A Rest Day

  A very successful rest day, all were looking forward to our first day coaching with the kids of Buea the next day. By day 10 we were all in need of some R&R.  It has been a hectic previous 9 days, but now we found ourselves with some time to explore what Cameroon had...
Day 9 - It's a Buea-tiful Day!

Day 9 – It’s a Buea-tiful Day!

It has been an exciting day – new town – new teachers. Luckily the drill doesn’t change and Rich D set about coach ed with the gusto we have come to expect.     We started off at 9 a.m. with 13 teachers, 2 local coaches and 3 coaches from Yaounde. After the first hour...
Day 8 - 7 hours.

Day 8 – 7 hours.

  Leaving the hustle and bustle of Yaounde, we set off for Buea. Cameroon kindly produced one of the hottest days for us for this journey, but sweat, pot holes and interesting ‘comfort breaks’ aside we finally made it to our destination in 7 hours. Arriving just before dusk, Buea seems completely different to Yaounde...
Day 7 - Festival

Day 7 – Festival

Today marked our final working day in Yaounde, the day of the CWB Schools Cricket Festival. Just five days ago our team arrived in Cameroon, unsure about the reception that we would receive and the impact that our unique style of HIV/Aids Awareness through cricket would have. We needn’t have been concerned. After what has...
Day 6 - Reunited

Day 6 – Reunited

The team split into two again with myself (Jono) Rich T, Will and Allan (Hellen) coaching at Lycée general leclerc with the rest of the group coaching at St Therese where they coached around 75 kids after being promised only 17. While the team was their the headmaster had organised the national media to come...
Day 5 - Sweetballs!

Day 5 – Sweetballs!

  We started our morning early and traveled to Leclerc to drop off Rich D, myself & Cam and then onto Etoug Ebe Lycee secondary school to drop off team 2 – Will, Annabell, Rich T, Jono and Helen.  We expected 160 between the 2 schools… and upon arrival we were greeted by over 440...
Day 4 - A star is born

Day 4 – A star is born

Today we went to our first schools to coach, we split into teams to cover 2 schools.  We received amazing receptions by the teachers that we had coached at the weekend.  At Mevick, the team coached 85 kids aged 9-16 and at Etoug Ebe Lycee we were expecting 100 kids and 240 turned up (aged...
Day 3 - Coach Education Complete

Day 3 – Coach Education Complete

Second day with the teachers and coach education. Main pitch had a football game on so the CWB adaptability came to the fore and we used old basketball courts on three tiers. The teacher’s enthusiasm again shone through and began mastering the art of batting and bowling. A highlight was the rendition of happy birthday...
Day 2 - Welcome to Yaounde

Day 2 – Welcome to Yaounde

Today we set off from Hotel Sportif to Yaounde. After hand constructing a roof rack to hold our luggage we headed south for a 4 hour journey. Travelling along the jungle roads of Cameroon meant we witnessed numerous accidents involving lorries. The roads her are extremely well built and flat which is a major positive....
Day 1 - Arrival

Day 1 – Arrival

A team of 3 volunteers dubbed as Team North arrived at Manchester Airport, Jono, Jo and myself. After getting our luggage through the baggage check a 'little' bit overweight we headed to our terminal to catch our flight to Paris. Jono and Jo straight through security but I had my shoes off, waistband checked and...