CWB Spring 2012

CWB Spring 2012

This April volunteers from CWB will be once again travelling to Botswana to coach and develop cricket with key AIDS awareness messages. You can follow their progress here on this blog.
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Day 13 - Hi Guys, it’s Cricket…..nothing more….nothing less!!

Day 13 – Hi Guys, it’s Cricket…..nothing more….nothing less!!

by Adam And so we came to the final day’s coaching in Francistown, spending the morning working with 20+ student teachers and helping them through their ICC Intro assessments. Umpiring expert Ben got the morning off to a steady start, making sure the teachers were suitably armed with the necessary info to be able to...
Day 12 - Beatlemania

Day 12 – Beatlemania

by Richard Anson Having been “rested” from the morning session; Sam, Jenny (Smurf), McIntyre (Ben) and myself, took over from the Aussie, Jonno and Rachel. Dagenham’s’ finest Clare aka Essex remained for both sessions, as did Adam and Clement from the BCA. We were also joined by two coaches who we had just put through...
Day 11 -Wednesday - A day of two halves

Day 11 -Wednesday – A day of two halves

By Jen aka ‘Smurf’ Day 11 of our trip dawned brightly, with the sun shining and the birds singing…..well when I arose it was cloudy and a little bit chilly but it could have been lovely first thing! This is because, a little bit unexpectedly, we all had the morning off. Most of us spent...
Day 10- Judgement Day Round One

Day 10- Judgement Day Round One

By Ben Our second working day in Francistown started with another bumpy ride from our Chalets at Woodlands Lodge, to the same local cricket ground from the previous morning. Shortly after our arrival we were joined by about 27 teachers whom had been in attendance the previous day. We were not entirely sure how many...
Day 9 - Monday 23rd - A New Setting

Day 9 – Monday 23rd – A New Setting

By Ben aka Michael McIntyre This was our first day of action on the second leg of our trip up in Francistown. We had travelled up on the Saturday from Gaborone and spent Sunday getting our strength back and preparing for what was promising to be a long week ahead! The programme was set to...
Day 8 - Sunday Snooze!!

Day 8 – Sunday Snooze!!

by Mick Finally, A Sleep In!! Part I. After a massive week in Gabs, and a day of travel the day prior, the gang enjoyed a lovely relaxing Sunday where batteries could be well and truly recharged. I (Mick) managed to sleep in as late as 7.30!! The other “Cottage Boys” (Adam and Jono) surfaced...
Day 7 - A New Town

Day 7 – A New Town

by Mick Coming soon!
Day 6 - Friday & we're on TV again...

Day 6 – Friday & we’re on TV again…

By Rachael aka 3 words   Friday, and the last school of the week – Mosielele Primary in Moshupa, approximately 45 minutes from our hotel in Gaborone. The full CWB team were back together , as Clare and Sam put down their cocktail glasses and picked up cricket bats. Joining us were Botswana players and...
Day 5 - Thursday

Day 5 – Thursday

by Rachael aka 3 words Day 3 of our school coaching found us at Matsatsing Primary in Kanye, about an hour’s drive from Gaborone. Upon our arrival, we found the teachers in not what you would call normal sporty attire – high heels were far more common than the usual pair of trainers. Nevertheless, all...
Day 4 - Oi, Michael, Unbelievable!

Day 4 – Oi, Michael, Unbelievable!

by Sam A day of two halves The team split today, with Clare and myself heading off to the Ministry of Health, whilst the rest of the team hit the road to Kanye. The walk to Main Mall, where the government buildings are located, was a pleasant 45 minutes, ending in Africa Mall, where there are lots...
Day 3  - Mobbed in Mogobane

Day 3 – Mobbed in Mogobane

By Sam aka Bambi & Clare aka Essex The day started off calm and quiet as we stepped off the team bus at Mogabane Community Junior School where we were once again greeted kindly by the head mistress and Mr Smith, the designated cricket coach.  This was shortly followed by an introduction to the teachers...
Day 2 - Karma!

Day 2 – Karma!

By Sam A day off for the volunteers already! For most of us, today (Tuesday) started at a leisurely pace and an opportunity to catch our breath after Yesterday’s baptism.  With internet access being elusive at best, much of my time this morning was spent hunting down an opportunity to blog… Clare, however, found herself giving...

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