Gemma leads a songGemmaA short distance we had to travel, But on the way looked out for cattle. Still no kit but the BCA, Came up trumps and saved the day. The trip to Kanye took us west, Where 20 teachers tried their best. To meet and greet, Smile and prayer. Then we all got straight out there. A bat and a bowl, And fun with games, While getting across our CWB aims. The headteachers hat had a life of its own, Whilst she held court on her plastic throne. 100+ kids coached today, Lively and fun in a EPIC way! All too soon, it was time to depart, With lasting memories in our heart. "I don't like cricket." – Sam Stevenson I found this little guy sitting all alone under a tree. He might be an orphan, he might be beaten or maybe is excluded because he or someone in his family has AIDS. I don't know his story but he looked sad so I went over to him to see if he wanted to play. He said, "No". So I asked if he liked cricket. He said, "No". Then I asked if he could catch a ball. He said, "No". So I started throwing a ball in the air a few inches and catching it and then asked him to catch it which he did. Very soon, we were playing a game of catch – he still wasn't smiling but he was playing. Then I told him he was obviously a cricketer as he could catch. Now we were going to learn to bat, needless to say in 15 minutes Makela was bowling, batting and fielding with real promise. Then I called over some of the other kids who were watching and we started having a little game of cricket. At the end of the day, I said to him when I come back next time and ask you, "What do you think of cricket? What will you tell me?". He said with a small smile, "I like cricket".