Airport 219/10/13 – 1pm

Team Bots arrive at Heathrow, minus David who claimed weird things were happening on the tube.

2.15pm – To the baggage scales…

Here's some maths for you, 8 people, 2 bags each = 17 bags to check in, right? £168 later, we are still 4 bags short but at least all 10 volunteers are present and correct. (although KLM did make us sweat with only 3 of us having a confirmed spot on the flight)

4pm – To customs and beyond…

All sailed through minus Paul who's passport photo and bare legs ensured further delay.

5.15pm – Departure time! Flight one.

Amsterdam bound, no hiccups to speak of, just a snoring Carl on the plane for our entertainment.

6pm – Mad dash to F4 – Amsterdam Airport

Keeping up our #Invincibles name, Tracey challenged a stranger to a travellator race which predictably ended in victory.

9pm – Next up Nairobi!

All split up for the long haul! It didn't take Gem long to nod off – "Sometimes the stranger the position, the better you sleep." 8 Hours, and a tiny croissant later, we have arrived in Nairobi all weary eyed apart from Gem of course.

20/10/13 – 6.01am

An interesting place, people everywhere and just a long (seemingly never ending) corridor.

7.45am – AFRICA TIME!

Ready to board, and it seems as though we are already on Africa time 2 hours later than expected!

1pm – We are here! Better late than never I guess…

Finally in Botswana Airport, and forecast is English weather (yes, clouds and rain).

Our first CWB coaching session takes place (unofficially). 5 kids, a couple of balls and some big smiles meant for an entertaining short stay at the airport.
botswana airport photobotswana airport photo