Fundraising / Costs

In order to cover the costs of the project, including transport, accommodation and most importantly the cricket equipment that is left in the country, we ask all volunteers to raise a minimum of £750 for the charity for a two week trip. This is the major revenue source for the charity and helps to ensure that we can have the biggest possible impact in the two weeks.

The £750 figure may be daunting initially, however CWB can help with ideas on fundraising and also raising awareness of your event. There have been a wide range of fundraising initiatives in the past, including running a half marathon in cricket kit, cricket tournaments, selling wristbands and recreating Andrew Flintoff’s one day international career – in one day.

The key for fundraising initiatives is to capture the imagination and also reinforce the fact that you will be making a tangible difference to people in the host country. Obviously using cricket clubs or cricket as a vehicle for the fundraising is a good way of getting started however the more imaginative the better and of course we will support you.

Not covered in your £750 are flights, insurance, vaccinations, malaria pills and food and drink. The amount of ‘pocket money’ we advise taking varies by country but this is all covered in the pre-departure briefing.

The fundraising for your project can help show the benefits of the charity and give you an opportunity to have some fun. You will be supported and most important of all on the trip you will be able to see first-hand how your fundraising has helped!

Project costs vary a little from country to country, but below we have laid out a rough guide as to what the full cost of a project will be.

Not covered in your £750 are the following:


Flights to country £550-£650


Vaccines and antimalarials £100 (polio, typhoid, hepatitis A and cholera available free on NHS)

Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, basic medications £30


All meals and 1-2 drinks per evening £230


Accommodation £65

Food & Drink £35

Travel £varies by location

On top of the £750 fundraising the cost of a project to a volunteer is therefore typically in the region of £1,000.