We’re on the Road to Gulu!!!

It’s a long, long road, with many a winding turn to Gulu, Joseph our driver negotiating the interesting road conditions with great skill, sorry stop, rewind 24 hours….

You all know how a CWB trip starts so I won’t bore you with the travel details, arrive at Gatwick, get on a plane etc…

Back in Uganda, we arrived in Entebbe and loaded up the bus with volumes of kit ready for our 2 week adventure. Rain pours down the bus windows, orange and red mud gushes down the roads and off the mountain sides, motorbike taxi’s huddle under cover with their customers. When it rains in Uganda it certainly rains!

Leaving the chaos of Kampala behind we settle into the rhythm of a 5 hour journey only to be interrupted by “The curse of the Holly” (see the meet the team blog and you will understand) most of the blokes jump out of the bus and look knowingly at the burst tyre and mutter words of wisdom. Custom in Uganda is to put branches on the road to warn oncoming traffic of the problem but Sarah had a much better idea, make a warning triangle out of the branches instead, great idea until the first car going the other way blew it over, 10/10 for creativity though. 

That’s the creative road sign!

Impromptu game of catch with the young cow herder and his friends, tyre changed and off we go again.

Practice coaching session with the cow herders!

Hotel a welcome sight at 8pm, quick beer, dinner and crash into bed.

Day 1 here we come, some of the group are off to teacher training and the rest of us to primary schools.  Small groups of children at Bishop Angelo Negri Primary school breaks us gently into things and soon balls are being bowled, hit and caught and HIV myths being busted, quick game of rapid fire and it’s time for lunch.

Nick with Angelo Negri Primary School

We arrive at St. Joseph’s to be met by Sister Helen who had very little knowledge of cricket but by the time we left we can confirm she is now a big fan and keen to continue teaching cricket after we have gone. 

Wrap up at St. Joseph’s using myth busting cards!

Round up for the day, great team work, new volunteers jumping straight in, laughter, fun, lots of cricket and vital messaging delivered, a good day.

Perfectly captured messaging on our way to St. Joseph’s

Written by: Nick Holroyd (Returning CWB volunteer)

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