Following careful navigation around Coventry ring road and national rail networks, 32 volunteers for CWB descended onto Finham Park school for a action packed training weekend ahead of the Autumn projects to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, BALL!

The beauty of a training weekend is meeting lots of different people from all walks of life who are happy to travel to somewhere they don’t know, usually with people they have not met before and all have different motivation behind doing it, which is amazing and great to understand more about. We go straight into Trustee and Founded Ed’s speech on how and why the charity was formed. The room is captivated by the background and want to get straight into absorbing as much as they can before they head out on the forthcoming projects. After a session of fact finding on all three countries, the teams head outside into the late Autumn sunshine to get involved with delivering the practical sessions. With development of the integrated learning over the past three years the messaging soon comes out to the fore, with lots of chanting of ABC T and understanding how the different methodologies of research to test understanding e.g. completing quizzes on phones and getting people to write questions on paper to understand knowledge of HIV.

It’s a pretty full on day with lots to take in, and over dinner the teams come together to talk about everything from past experiences on projects, the World Cup, that Stokes/ Leach innings, and rather interesting cider in the local old man pub. As we head into day two, we look forward to seeing the teams deliver their own sessions and getting more familiar with the messaging and the research methods – as well as having a lot of fun running around with bat and ball in hand.

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