On 19th October, a group of 8 CWB volunteers will be heading to Uganda to work with the local ambassadors, and coaches in furthering CWBs’ mission. In two weeks, the team will be traveling to Gulu, Lira and Masindi, coaching school children, training teachers, and visiting orphanages, to raise HIV awareness and spread the messages of social empowerment through Cricket. The team consists of a few returning volunteers as well as new volunteers, all of them are looking forward to landing to the field.

Sarah Evans, New Volunteer

Sarah – a cricket mad doctor – specialising in elderly care. On summer off days, I volunteer as a crowd doctor at Lords. Seen some epic matches there including the Women’s World Cup final in 2017 and men’s World Cup final 2019- both in which England snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!

Looking forward to working with slightly younger people (than my average patient of 90!) and continuing to combine my love for both medicine and cricket with this trip to Uganda with Cricket Without Boundaries. Having had elderly patients with HIV- I want to pass the message on that by knowing your status and accessing the appropriate treatment, one can live a normal and healthy life. As soon as I heard about this fantastic charity- I was keen to sign up and have the honour of joining a fantastic team and be a part of their ongoing amazing work.

Fun fact: I once broke my foot when I got stuck in a toilet and tried to break the door down!

Rob Munson – Returning Volunteer

I am unfortunately just pushing the wrong side of 50 (and feeling it today!) I spent 22 years in the Air Force but now work in I T for Lloyds Bank. I do like my cricket and have been playing for as long as I can remember and a qualified coach for the last 5 years.

The Training weekend really reminded me again why I signed up to do this in that we are doing something good and hopefully making a difference.

Fun Fact. I was too busy listening to cricket on the car radio in the hospital car that I nearly missed the birth of my son. (although I don’t think it affected him too badly 😂)

Taruna Bhagtani – New Volunteer

Hi! I am Taruna, a management consultant by profession, and wanderer by heart. I was born and raised in India, a cricket crazy nation, so I have lots of memories of choosing to watch a cricket match leaving behind my books and studies (even right before my exams)…… and sneaking outside to play Cricket with friends on Streets (‘Gully cricket’…. not quite the fielding position).

I heard about CWB from my Husband, who was supposed to go to Uganda, but I am so glad I am going instead 😊! I am deeply inspired by the work CWB has done and how they are using the passion for Cricket for such a meaningful cause. I am so looking forward to being part of CWB team in Uganda and I am sure this will be such an enriching experience for me.

Fun Fact: Did I mention that I have lived/worked in 12 different cities across 3 continents, have visited 34 countries (so far… Uganda is going to be the 35th).

Nick Holroyd – Returning Volunteer

I am a Cartographic Publisher by profession and more recently a Chance to Shine Community Coach with Oxfordshire Cricket by choice!! 

I love cricket, love teaching children, love a challenge, so why would I not volunteer!! Having been to Rwanda in 2018 I can see how the work CWB do is so important and the lives we touched and people we met was truly humbling, memories that will stay with me forever.

Fun Fact: While night skiing some years ago I slipped off a button lift which pinged up and broke the overhead cable, which in turn cut the electricity supply to the lift and the floodlights on the mountain, with people still skiing down, and then plunged half of the ski resort into darkness, it took hours to fix, no more skiing for anyone that night, oops…!!

Mark Campbell – Returning Volunteer (Project Lead)

My adult life – and there has been rather more of it than the rest of the team – has revolved around three things. Geography and travel, including research in Africa, working with children as a social worker and playing and coaching cricket. Can you see why I might be interested in CWB?

My interest has only grown in response to the enthusiasm, the warmth and the smiles I’ve received on previous projects. So I’m looking forward to more fun and more learning with the wonderful people of beautiful Uganda.

Fun Fact: Did I tell you I took a wicket with my first delivery in Africa (36 years ago!). On the same trip a dead vulture nearly landed on my head!

Holly Presswell – New Volunteer

I’m Holly! I’m 19 (the baby of the group) living in Devon in the countryside! I have just finished college studying sport and coaching and hopefully be able to use this when I go out to Africa. I have been playing cricket for 6 years and coaching for 4 years now and very excited to be able to now do this at a bigger scale and in a different country!

Fun fact: last time I was in Africa, on a second day in to the trip, we hit a massive pot hole and burst our three tires and had to be rescued!! 

Lucy Holroyd – New Volunteer

Hi, I am Lucy. I am 48 and work as a Programme Manager for a large Telecommunications company. I love sports, playing netball, cycling and running mainly but my real passion is to travel around the world seeing wonderful sights and cultures. Some recent highlights have been trips to Greenland, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia, and further back even climbing Kilimanjaro.

So why ‘Cricket without Boundaries’? …I must be honest, I’ve never volunteered before or ever actually played cricket.

I do however love watching cricket, whether it be my nephew at his local club or England, who never fail to provide a roller coaster of drama for the fans. My journey to Uganda with CWB has been inspired by both my love of travel and cricket, but more importantly by the 2018 Rwanda Team who I followed on the CWB blog. They shared amazing stories and described the most rewarding work with the children. I wanted to be part of that.  

Tom Munson – New Volunteer

I am 22 years young and feeling fit and healthy. I spent 4 years working as an engineering apprentice to then get a job working as a project coordinator within the same company. My dad got me into cricket and then into coaching, I’ve now been coaching for two years.

Fun fact: I did the three peaks challenge 3 years ago in under 24hrs. (Scaffel Pike, Ben Nevis and Snowdon)

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